Aroma Magic Camphor Ice Foot Cream


Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic Camphor Ice Foot Cream


Rs 110/- for 60 gm


24 Months/2 years


A soothing foot cream that softens and repairs rough skin, cracked heel, relaxes tired feet & removes odour to leave them smooth and refreshed.


Wash feet , massage cream into skin preferably at bedtime. Repairs cracked feet & makes skin soft & relaxed. For tired feet, massage a few drops of Aroma Magic Morning Dew Oil onto the sole.


Only Active Ingredient List mentioned on the product

Active Ingredients- Extract of Camphor, Mint, Thyme, Pineapple, Clove, Oils of Olive & Almond & pure essential oils of Rosemary, Clove & Tea Tree.


Its little thick which is not completely white in color. It’s very smooth in texture. Fragrance is completely overpower by Camphor which I like a lot its very soothing and refreshing.

  • MY VIEW-
    I love foot creams especially one which has cooling properties.  I was quite bored of using petroleum jelly so was on search of good foot cream. My criteria were:-
    1. Moisten my foot’s dry skin (in winter it even get worst to rough and cracked heels)
    2. Should have cooling properties (especially in summer season)
    3. Even out the skin color (for tan and other scars or marks)
    4. Soft and happy feet
    5. Herbal Product
    So above mentioned points were my criteria the Sales Girl showed me this and camphor, mint and so many essential oils just clicked me.

Yes I am using this product from more than a year though not continuously. I am about to finish my 2nd tube and I SIMPLY LOVE this especially in summers. It’s exactly what I want.  I use it in night after washing my feet.

 Below are the + points-

  1. It does moisten my dry foot and almost whole night.
  2. When applied it gives a cooling sensation which I really like though it last for sometime only.
  3. It does relax my tired feet for a while.
  4. With regular use I can see the difference in my skin color, it’s quite effective in making the skin even.
  5. Yes my feet feel soft and I feel happy.Below are – points-
    1. Those whose skin are not so dry may feel this little oily or heavy on their feet.
    2. Camphor smell may be overpowering for many.
    3. Not very much effective in extreme cracked heels though mine are normal and its effective in my case with regular use.
    4. Complete ingredient list not mentioned
1 Softens & Repairs Skin Yes very effectively
2 Softens & Repairs Cracked Heels Does for normal condition need to be regular for extreme cracked heel for effectiveness
3 Relaxes tired feet Yes after applying it really relaxes for a while
4 Removes odour to leave them smooth and refreshed Camphor and Mint together works wonder in removing Odour and refreshing feet.

Yes I will recommend it to everyone who are looking for some budget friendly foot cream but if you are looking for some high duty product which soothes and repairs your feet then you can give it a miss.



    Best for summer use especially for dry skin.

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  2. Product is excellent. I have used it and so has my mom. The only negative point is that stocks always run out, and so it’s very hard to find this product either in the market or with online stockists.

  3. I have awful cracked and dry feet. I have tried everything and this is the very best and most healing and effective cream I have ever used. Just shopping for the best price online right now!

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