Avon Solutions Scrub Cleanser for all skin types

I love to collect different different kind of face washes and when it doesn’t suit me I end up using them as foot cleanser. Well that’s what I do at least I don’t waste the product ;). So the point is I don’t give a second thought in purchasing budget face washes/cleansers when they are made for either dry skin or all skin type. This one I purchased from my Avon rep. She recommended me this and green cool kind of packaging attracted me so I ordered.

DSC02479 DSC02480


Avon Solutions Scrub Cleanser for all skin types


Rs 350/- for 100 gm (but mostly discounts going on)


36 Months/3 years


This plant powered gel cleanser, exfoliates and cleans dirt, impurities and oil deep down in the pores without stripping skin. Reveals a refreshed, refined & long lasting clean skin.

Suitable for all skin types. Dermatologist-tested. Hypoallergenic. Non Comedogenic.


It transparent gel like consistency with scrubbing beads. Fragrance is fruity and refreshing. See the picture below.



I was very excited to use the product as it’s 2 in 1 product scrub + cleanser. When I squeezed the product I found the texture quite good. Gel transparent consistency with bead. I applied on my faced did scrubbing for a minute and washed. Well as a scrub it’s quite mild but still it’s better to use only once a day preferably in night. It did cleanse the face nicely and felt quite refreshed. But it doesn’t give any magical result it’s like our day to day normal face wash only. May be my expectations were little higher. After using this you need to apply moisturizer soon as my skin start feeling dry. I think this product will be more useful for oily skin beauties. Why I am saying this is that though my skin is Normal to Dry but in hot and humid weather area around my nose becomes oily. And when I used it that time it was really effective.


So summing up the ‘+’ and ‘-‘point


Below are the + points-

  1. It’s good budget face wash
  2. As a scrub its mild
  3. Cleanse the skin thoroughly
  4. Effective for oily skin
  5. Refreshing

Below are – points-

  1. Availability (Available through Avon rep and some online sites also sell this)
  2. It’s like normal face wash only



1 Exfoliates and cleanse dirt, impurities and oil deep down in the pores without stripping skin. True
2 Reveals a refreshed, refined and long lasting clean skin Refresh- true…rest two not true in my case



If you are looking for 2 in 1 product then you can go for it. It’s good as scrub + cleanser. But don’t expect anything magical.