Avon Foot Works Healthy Exfoliating and Moisture Mask

I accept I care a lot for my feet but I have never used any mask for them. Oh please do I need to apply Multani mitti or besan dahi to make them gora gora. I can’t, but when I came across this foot mask from Avon in one of their catalogue I couldn’t resist myself to pick one. Read on to know whether I liked it or not.



Avon Foot Works Healthy Exfoliating and Moisture Mask


Rs 229/- for 100 gm (but you can get it on discount)


36 Months/3 years


See below in pic for product description and ingredients.

DSC02566 DSC02567


It’s white in color with creamy mask kind of consistency. As it contains Kaolin as one of the ingredient so it’s very smooth in texture and spread nicely while applying. Fragrance is strong medicinal kind of. For me it’s tolerable. See below the swatch and application.

DSC02568 DSC02570 DSC02576 DSC02577


You can see above I have attached picture of it’s application and it’s very clear how it works. But there are so many problems. Your skin should be totally dry else it will take more time to dry out. If you apply thick layer again there will be delay in drying. And to remove effectively it should dry. KINDLY NOTE it will not dry completely like other mask. But if you have used and creamy or gel readymade mask then you must be knowing what’s the right time. The simple trick is apply thin layer wait for 2 mins, start rubbing circular motion. Even this process also takes time you will have to rub for continuously around 1 minute to get small rolls and wooohooo you are done. You can see the dirt in the small rolls and can see clear hydrated skin.

So summing up the ‘+’ and ‘-‘point

Below are the + points-

  1. Work awesome as exfoliates
  2. Hydrates and Moisten the skin
  3. Make skin soft
  4. Cleanse skin.
  5. Good as foot mask

Below are – points-

  1. There is a point written you can check in picture attached also that is “Sunburn Alert”. This product contains an alpha hydroxyl acid that may increase skin’s sensitivity to the sun and possibility of sunburn. Use a sunscreen and limit sun exposure while using this product and for a week afterwards.

Now this is something to look for. I generally use it once in a fortnight. But I never forget to apply sunscreen if I am going out in Sun also I wear socks. I find it as a BIG CON

  1. Very messy to use. Imagine your foot hanging yeah I use it overall so have to do like that.
  2. Long full of chemical ingredient list


1 Exfoliates True
2 Moisturiser True
3 Silky True
4 Healthy Glow True



If you can ignore the cons then it’s a good product