Avon Ultra Color Lipstick Lava Love SPF 15

I love warm red color shade which is little more on orangish red and matte. Last month my Avon Rep friend recommended me this. I was little confused as whether I will be able to carry it or not. Between I am on hunt of “mera waala red color from past 3 years”. But nothing I find so flattering. There is some con.

Avon UCP Lava Love 2 Avon UCP Lava Love 3 Avon UCP Lava Love 4 Avon UCP Lava Love 5


Avon Ultra Color Lipstick Lava Love SPF 15


Rs 359/- for 3.8gm (you can get it on discount)


It’s very pigmented in just one swatch it gives a satin smooth finish and look proper red. But when you do multiple swatches it becomes more fiery orangish red with little glossy finish. Fragrance is mild not so overpowering.

Avon UCP Lava Love 6 Avon UCP Lava Love 7 Avon UCP Lava Love 1


I was super excited to try this shade. And when I tried I really liked the pigmentation part and finish. But still I am not so comfortable to carry it in normal days. Obviously who will like to look like a bride or a festive season girl? The lipstick comes in good black packaging with a see-through top. I have other shade also from same range so it somehow helps me in recognizing the shade. Staying power is good around 4-5 hrs after that it started fading. It does transfer. But it doesn’t bleed at least not on me. Though for bright colors I always use lip liners. You don’t need a layer of lip balm beneath it. It’s moisturizing too. I really liked this shade but still looking for mera waala red. But as of now I am really happy. One more point is it comes with SPF 15


If you are looking for good budget red color lipstick it’s a must buy.