Palmolive Thermal Spa Skin Renewal Body wash

Written By Khyati S :-

I always prefer body washes over soaps.Somehow,I feel content when I use them (just a matter of satisfaction that body getting exfoliated with loofah :P).While collecting basic stuffs for wedding,I came across a new body wash from Palmolive.The ingredients and title saying “Spa” and “skin renewal” lured me and I bought the same.


Palmolive Thermal Spa Skin Renewal Body wash



Rs 125 for 250 ml


24 Months/2 years


Check snap below



Enjoy the virtues of SPA-inspired treatment every day in your shower with new Palmolive thermal SPA Skin Renewal shower gel.ITS deliciously creamy formula with Jojoba Butter and Crushed Coconut extracts will help your retain your natural moisture to reveal soft ,supple skin while gently renewing it.It helps your skin naturally renew by removing the dead skin cells with a gentle scrubbing action.Your skin is soft and beautifully radiant!Dermatologically tested.


It is a off white coloured,creamy/butterly textured with brown particles. The fragrance gives a hint of coconut and it is strong but pleasant.

IMG-20141127-WA0001 IMG-20141127-WA0000


I bought this product in order to give Palmolive body washes a try.

Here is the summary of my experience with Palmolive Thermal Spa Skin Renewal Body wash :

1) I take generous amount of the body wash as little quantity (mentioned in the instructions) is not enough for creating much lather.As I mentioned the body wash is real creamy and I am loving it !!

2) I do not have to use lots of water to clean the body from lather.

3) After wash skin REALLY become smooth and supple.Being an oily skinned girl,I do not have moiturize my skin even 4-5 hours post bath in winters !!

4) Due to particles it has, this body wash gives nice exfoliation with no harm to the skin.I did not notice any rashes or itching post bath.

5) I used to avoid this body wash in summers due to its creamy/buttery texture.I could not bear its warmth and texture due to my oily skin.

6) It has flip cap packaging.Bottle is light and travel friendly.The lid firms well into the opening.

7) Fragrance is long lasting.


Price and performance both are satisfying.But I will not recommend this body wash in summers for oily skinned beauties.



Point deducted for:

1) Not SLS free

2) Fragrance may be issue for some people.

3) Not suitable for all skin types at all times in a year.

Note:- Coconut fragrance in a body wash a big yes from my end. Definitely a big yes from my end.