Matrix Biolage Hydratherapie- Ultra-Hydrating Shampoo

My hair is behaving extremely dry from past 1 year and scalp is little oily kind of which attracts dirt and its also wavy. Its becoming difficult for me to manage my hair so resultant is dry rough hair with hairf all. I would like to mention that earlier my hair was good but due to change in city and hence climate change my hair has suffered a lot. Anyways few months back on a visit to a store I saw this shampoo which mentioned ULTRA-Hydrating Shampoo- Nourishes Dry, Thick Hair and its paraben free. Without second thought I purchased it. Read on to know whether it helped me in getting my old hair condition back or not

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Matrix Biolage Hydratherapie- Ultra-Hydrating Shampoo


Rs 205/- for 200ml


It has got faint fruity kind of fragrance and it’s white in color with little running consistency. You can see in the swatch below.

IMG_20150216_102055 (1)


  • I found it mild and true as it really gave moisture to my dry hair
  • May be my scalp is too problematic but I didn’t felt it clean.
  • My hair remain good for 1 day after that it start feeling lifeless and scalp totally dirty
  • I can’t shampoo my hair daily so I don’t think it works for my hair
  • No reduction in hair fall
  • Give shine to hair but again goes after a day.


It didn’t worked for me but I think those people who have dry hair and non oily scalp it will be good for them.