Use of Lipstick As Eyeshadow

Many times we end up buying items which we dont need, but we get either because we loved or it was an impulse purchase. Makeup is something where we always end up buying more items. In this age of online shopping many times we get same shade different formula. It happens with me many times. Same color different formula, or some colors which I thought will be good but it didn’t look good on me. This problem is more common with lipsticks. So one day while I was thinking how to use these lippies and I came across its use as eyeshadow.
So lets divide Lip Colors in 3 categories-
1. Liquid Lipstick- Matte formula
2. Liquid Lipstick- Glossy Formula
3. Lipstick

So in this particular post I have used Liquid lipstick Matte formula as eyeshadow. Among all Matte formula liquid lipsticks are very easy to use as it ends up being creamy powdery or pure powdery. Luckily the shades I used were pure matte and they dried well without any shine and they had Intense color.

Products used:-
1. NYX Soft matte lip cream- Addis Ababa
2. Sugar Smudge me not Liquid Lipstick- Plum Yum
3. LA Girls Matte Flat Finish Pigment Gloss- Bazar
4. Brush- Avon
5. Colorbar Liquid Eyeliner

I didn’t used anything as base or primer, but you can use any primer or even concealer as base after that with help of brush or finger tap a little color on your eyelid. Start with middle of your eyelid and then smudge. Remember how much color you will use it depends on the pigmentation. So be careful. Let it dry for a minute or two and you can set it with any compact or loose powder and you are done.

In my next post I will do a post on Lipstick as eyeshadow.
Use eyeliner, mascara and kajal however you want it. I have used Colorbar liquid eyeliner.