Stay Quirky, Liquid Eyeliner, Matte, Red, BadAss 5

I think I am totally into Stay Quirky spree but with this I will be almost done with my mini haul of Stay Quirky products. You can read their review here. I ordered two eyeliners and I am going to review the red one.

Price- Rs 175/-, you can get it in good discount on Purplle.

Packaging- it comes in an outer cardboard packaging and Inside is this beautiful long sleek bottle in blue shade. I loved the packaging.

My Views-

Firstly I used the blue one and my expectations were really high. This color is not a proper matte red. It’s like metallic red. Pigmentation is okay you won’t get the deep red hue in one swipe but still it’s not that bad also. With 2 coats you will get an opaque coverage.

It’s completely waterproof and you have to use a good makeup remover to remove it. It stays good for 8-9 hours and even more. Though it says matte but I can see metallic sheen in it. Applicator is long and thin. Bristles are fine. There will not be any problem in application.

They have good collection of shades and is available on Purplle

Ratings & Recommendations- 8/10, yes they are really affordable and good quality product.