My Life- My Hobbies (Part 2)

I am an over enthusiastic person. If I come to know about something and I find it interesting I just go crazy to do that. Hobby is one such thing. I don’t think I will be able to take any of my hobby at professional level. But anyway I am happy with my HR job and infact love that alot.

When I started this blog I thought I am going to post everything which I what to on this. But slowly I felt I should better have different blog for my hobby thing hence I created one more blog

I am not very frequent in that (I know I am not very frequent here too).

So let me share the hobbies which is Keeping me busy these days

  1. Zentangle/Mandala/Doodle

I am getting so crazy about it. You can see couple of pieces below


I am so much a novice. This is not an easy art as it looks. You really need to practice practice and practice

  1. Quilling

My forever love

  1. Crocheting

My another love

That’s it for now. Will share more soon

Lots of love ❤