Currently obsessing over-3

Past 10-15 days have been quite hectic for me hence not so regular on blogs. Well there are so many product reviews are in my drafts I just need to edit and publish. So I hope in coming future will review many products.

But for now let’s discuss about what I am currently obsessing.

  1. Doodle- I think this is going to be my forever love. There are so many possibilities in doodling all you need is an open mind. Sharing couple of pics below which I draw recently

  1. Books- books are a man (and woman’s too) best friend. Finished reading The Animal Farm by Jeorge Orwell. It’s a satire and still completely matches.

  1. Lip love- I am a big time makeup lover especially lip products. I recently got Jeffree star Cosmetics lip palette. Will review it soon.

  1. Eye makeup- once upon a time I was all about eye makeup but slowly I started experimenting more and now I am again back to it. My eyeshadow collection.

Thats it for now.

Lots of ❤