A new journey…blog to blogging website

So finally a dream came true when I moved to wordpress supported website. How nice this feels when you have your own website. In year 2013 I started this blog as a love for makeup and I booked the domain too for future use. I am a full time HR Professional, a home maker and a new mom. Its difficult for me to take out time and be regular but blogging is something I do out of love. So even I am not that regular I am lucky enough to get lot of love from you all. Hence I thought to move a step ahead and start taking it a bit seriously, to share my knowledge my experience with world.

So when I thought to have a proper website I was curious what I am going to put in it, I am a restless soul have interest in a dozen thing like different hobbies, cooking, reading books, traveling etc etc. I cant have different website for different thing. Though I do have different Instagram accounts (and yeah I am not that regular there too). So I took suggestion from few of my best buddies and they all said go solo. Have one website and categorise them and put everything there.

So here I am with an identity of “blingnbangs”. This website has a very basic look as for now but I will try to improve more in future, I will also improve my picture quality and content while moving forward.

Hope to receive lots of love from you all like always