Book Review – Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse

I wanted to read a good quick read book. So I chose this one. This book was first published in year 1922, it’s almost like a century back. But when you read the book you will not feel much difference. Except for the technology part rest emotions and feelings are same.

I chose this book without reading any review majorly I thought this book will be based on Gautam Buddha as even the page cover has his pic. But this book is about a brahmin boy Siddhartha whose life revolves around time of Gautam Buddha only.

Initially I was little disappointed but when I started moving ahead I started loving the book more. As Siddhartha said “I can Think, I can wait, I can fast”. No one believed the power of these three things. And Siddhartha proved how wrong they were but with worldly life Siddhartha himself forgot these things and then he awaken by his inner self. He discover himself again but again he comes into this worldly life.

So it’s a journey of a man searching himself. He allowed himself to go with the flow. He has his learnings he never forget that Except for some time period. Also how Karma play it’s game in his life.

I found this book extremely beautiful. Language is simple but deep. I liked the way story goes on.

SUMMARY- must read