Heroines- Powerful Indian Women of Myth and History by Ira Mukhoty

Heroines- Powerful Indian Women of Myth and History by Ira Mukhoty

I came to know about writer Ira Mukhoty when one of my known recommended me to read Daughters of the sun. So when I got the Kindle version of Daughters of the Sun I thought to check other books of Ira Mukhoty that time I came to know about this book. This book instantly caught my attention (also it’s available on Kindle Unlimited). Hence I thought to finish this one first.
So in the book “Heroines” there are stories of 8 heroines of ancient India, medieval India and India pre independence.
They are Draupadi, Radha, Ambapali, Razia Iltutmish, Meerabai, Jahanara Begum, Rani Laxmibai and Hazrat Mahal
So except for Draupadi I was interested in rest 7. (Already finished book on Draupadi)

Draupadi- perhaps the most talked about female character from past. Truely speaking I skipped many lines as just before this book I finished “The Palace of Illusions”. But yes if you are someone who wants to have a quick read on her life…go ahead

Radha- she is the one I was most excited for and it was little disappointing there was not much of information mentioned about her.

Ambapali- well being from Patna (magadha) have heard Alot about her. I remember her statue in Patna museum. It was really nice to read about her.

Razia Iltutmish- very informative

Meerabai- again an open ended narration…

Jahanara Begum- I find her the most fascinating from medieval India period. Excited to read about her in the Daughters of the sun too. And the quick read about her is quite informative

Rani Laxmibai- I loved this the most. Perhaps the best one among all. So informative.

Hazrat Mahal- have heard her name but was not much aware of her story.

Overall I loved the book and will recommend only if you are interested in these characters

Lots of ❤