Lakme Insta Eye Liner- Blue

What happen when you order something randomly but you end up loving them so much. Well nothing happens it’s just you do it more often in future.

Lakme insta eyeliner was one such product. I ordered in 2 shades Blue and Green. Green one I gifted to a friend so may be in future I can do swatches of that. For now let’s review and swatch this beauty.

Price- Rs 120/- for 9 ml. It’s a steal at this price range and good quantity too.

My Views-

  • it has got good pigmentation. If not intensely then almost near to intensely

  • it can give a little streaky finish to beginners but you can work out on it.

  • liquid is neither thick nor thin. Though it’s more like liquid kind of material.

  • applicator is good I prefer this kind of applicator it allows me to do a precise application.

  • it dries out quickly and to a matte finish

  • it can get flaky if you rub your eyes or if you have applied multiple coats. For me it was totally fine. I used it for around 5-6 hours and it was as it is. Soon I will do the long wearing test and will update here.

Ratings- 8/10

With lots of ❤


Note- picture is clicked from my mobile with its built in beauty mode. No further filter is done or added. Picture is in artificial light.

Disclaimer- I have purchased and used this product. Based on my experience I have shared my honest views.