Good Vibes Mini Haul and First Impression

I came across this brand while browsing Instagram. Read so many positive comments reviews about it not only from bloggers, youtubers, beauty gurus but also from common masses. Natural, no parabens, no sulphate, cruelty free etc (though not all products are sulphate free).

I had to give it a try hence placed my order on app mid of last month and within 2-3 working days I got my box. Deliver was quick and good.

So there is always some kind of offer going on in for Good Vibed product. I got mine in Buy 5 get 5 offer (highest 5 prices on MRP will be considered).

Well well well I received the order and I was so excited for all the products. I quickly counted all of them and really loved the packaging. I was too much concerned about the packaging quality, product quality, ingredient list, claims and so many things. The packaging is certainly really good at the price offered. They do look and feel really nice. Complete ingredient list was mentioned on all products with its usage benefits etc.

Also this is my first impression of all the product. Though some products I loved so much that they are about to get over too. Half of the products I am using continuously from past 15 days and some I have used couple of times. Even the least used I have used 2-3 times for first impression purpose. I will do the detail review of every product very soon. But for now let’s have a first impression.

Also I want to mention one very important point I have noticed almost all my products were May’19 manufactured and 1-2 were even June’19 manufactured. I am really impressed by this as it feels really good when we use freshly manufactured products.

Anyway let’s enjoy the first impression review now

  1. Good Vibes Skin Toning Shower Gel- Watermelon

Quantity- 200ml

Price- Rs 225/-

It comes in a pump packaging. Texture is neither runny nor thick. Has got a perfect consistency. Lather well but not that super high one. Easy to washoff. While placing order I was in summer Vibes hence went ahead with watermelon one. Later on I noticed its skin Toning Shower gel and it really true to its name. I really feel fresh and skin does feel toned after using it. I don’t need a body lotion after this just in case if I skip. I have dry skin so can say it really do a good job. Fragrance is mild melon type which stay for some time only.

  1. Good Vibes Gel- Calendula

Quantity- 50 gm

Price- Rs 175/-

I became fan of gels after using multiple gel products from The Face Shop and Innisfree. Also I love the Calendula Sheet mask from The Face Shop. So this was a must have for DIY sheet mask. I went ahead. Have used it on face 2 times felt like normal gel only nothing substantial to notice. Just soothing effect. But on hair it was really good. I used it as leave in conditioner and it worked awesome like that and not to forget mild fragrance.

  1. Good Vibes Gel- Watermelon- Travel Size

Quantity- 10gm

Price- Rs 40/-

I wanted to try more items and Good Vibes have travel size option for few products. I went ahead with this one. First of all at price this seems a little less quality. If I apply it only on face it will end me hardly 5-6 times and if I use it on my hair may be only once.

I have not used this on my hair because of quantity constraint. On face it gave me same result as calendula gel. Its soothing too but nothing great to notice effect.

  1. Good Vibes- Purifying Face Wash- Green Tea- Travel Size

Quantity- 10 gm

Price- Rs 25/-

Again I found it little costly as per price. Though I got it free because of some offer hence no regret. Well this product has very mild green tea fragrance. It doesn’t lather much but still makes skin squeaky clean. Doesn’t dry much. It can’t take the whole makeup off infact it’s okay for normal face wash only. Travel size will last may be 5-6 washes.

  1. Good Vibes Nail & Cuticle Oil- Almond

Quantity- 10 ml

Price- Rs 199/-

It comes in a dropper packaging and looks quite luxurious. Its a steal at this price. I am not able to use this product on regular basis but may be will soon start using it regularly to see the actual and exact effect. But whatever 2-3 times I have used I felt good. But still at its something which will take time hence let’s wait for more usage.

  1. Good Vibes Perfumed Cream- Amber

Quantity- 10gm

Price- Rs 249/-

Its first time I used any perfumed cream. And I can say I am not disappointed. Though fragrance is not what I am great fan of but that’s another thing. I used it after bath on my pulse areas as mentioned. It stayed good 5-6 hours on me. I can sniff myself and feel good. Fragrance is warm formula is balmy. May be I will try another Variants.

  1. Good Vibes Gel- Rose & Mulberry- Travel Size

Quantity- 10 gm

Price- Rs 40/-

My views on this is exactly same as the watermelon gel one.

  1. Good Vibes Plus Moisturizing + Anti- Tan Removal Body Scrub- Sandalwood + Rosewood

Quantity- 50gm

Price- Rs 225/-

One of my most favourite and my 2 nd most used product in the haul. I am in love with this product. Except that I find it little pricey, as it’s a body scrub so it will hard

  1. Good Vibes Foot Soak- Coffee

Quantity- 100 ml

Price- Rs 225/-

I thought initially the soak will be of no use and it will be more like a foamy kind of solution. But I was so wrong it’s more like blend of oils when you put it in lukewarm water and keep your feet it relaxes your feet and mix of oil and water kind of attract the dirt on your feet. I will cover this in detail in detailed post.

  1. Good Vibes Foot Shampoo- Coffee

Quantity- Rs 120 Ml

Price- Rs 185/-

My most favourite among the lot. The product is watery but clean the feet squeaky clean. From past 2-3 weeks I am using it on daily basis. I can say i am 200% satisfied with it. Will cover in detail soon.

  1. Good Vibes Foot Scrub- Coffee

Quantity- 50 gm

Price- Rs 195/-

Again one of the favourite. Comes in a jar take out some and exfoliate the foot you will love it like anything. Review coming soon.

  1. Good Vibes Foot Mask- Coffee

Quantity-50 gm

Price- Rs 225/-

I have used mask twice when I did all self Pedi session. I wanted something which can brighten my leg and this surely do a wonderful job.

  1. Good Vibes Foot Therapy Cream- Coffee

Quantity- 50 gm

Price- Rs 225/-

I am already done with the jar. And may be I will order another Variant which is lavender one. I will share the detailed review soon.

So far So good and with this my haul post comes to an end but will share the detailed post super soon.