Cutting Quilling/Paper Strips in home without paper shredder

I love quilling,.but due to a full time job its difficult to give time to hobbies. Sometimes I just want to create something which is there in my mind from long time. I know I am just at beginner level but I enjoy it so much.

These days I am working on a project which will be a gift to my friend. In that the color theme is of blue. There was a particular shade of blue in my mind which I wanted to use in that project. I generally use readymade quilling strips. I tried to search that but in vain. Hence I decided to cut my own paper strips. I googled Alot and most easy option came as paper shredder. I have a hand paper shredder but that is only of 3 mm size. I wanted thinner strips may be 2mm or 1 mm.

Hence I searched more for cutting strips with blade or knife. There were various articles and luckily I had all stock with me.

I have used Exacto Knife one can use paper knife or blade whatever comfortable. I guess metal ruler would have been better but I managed with the plastic ruler this time. I also had a small measuring board that made my work more easy.

I wanted to cut long strips but as my board was also small and ruler also of smaller size to begin with I went ahead with smaller size only. I wanted to cut 1 mm strips as they are not easily available but I think I need to practice more for that so majority are of 2mm size. Also metal ruler will be more better as it was difficult to work with sharp Exacto knife on it.

I have used Dirty blue A4 sheet and it’s around 100 GSM paper.

Overall I loved doing this and may be will be doing it more frequently in future.

With lots of ♥️