Valley of Flowers- Quilled Flowers 1

So I started this project last year end only. Its a very time taking process. Especially if you are a full time working employee and also you have interest in many other activities. Hobby and art is passion for me. I do it for my happiness.

From long I wanted to make flowers from 1mm strip. I am not a pro in quilling so mistake was common from me but you learn from your mistake and try to do better. I know its still incomplete but I couldn’t resist myself from sharing this piece. I have named it valley of flowers and I will add many more colours in coming time. Will share the end piece once completed.

Paper used- 1-1.5 mm strips ( as we get very less color choice in 1mm strips online and also i find it quite costly. I cut 1-1.5 mm strips from 2 mm, 3 mm and 5 mm papers.

Thin wire on which I have wrapped flower tape of green color