Book Rereading-Hitopadesha By Narayan Pandit



I am no one literally no one to review this book, so while putting headline I removed review and added “Book Rereading”. Why rereading as I have read this classic Indian book in my childhood too. But at that time it was more for fun and less for learning. Its another thing that whatever we read and learn as kid it stays with us for forever.

So recently while browsing Kindle Unlimited I came across this book suddenly my childhood memory flashed in front of me and I couldnt stop myself to read this one. It was a rereading experience. Most of the stories I remember perfectly most little bit but almost all were known. Thats the beauty of India we tell our kids good thing in form of these stories.

I find this book extremely practical and straightforwards no sugar coating no narratives just to the point. This book is a great learning experience for kids. This book is divided in 4 parts Mitralabha (how to gain a friend), Suhrdbheda (how to lose a friend), Vigraha (war) and Sandhi (peace). Each of these parts has various short storied under it.

I will highly recommend this book to every kid and even to adult as its never too late in learning good things.

Disclaimer- opinion about this book is entirely my own.