Absolute New York Cotton Candy Liner- Jelly Bean

Product Name- Absolute New York Cotton Candy Liner- Jelly Bean

MRP- I got it from Hokmakeup and there MRP mentioned is Rs 299/- but all shades are out of stock from long time. On Nykaa few shades are available but MRP is Rs 1100/-

Absolute New York one of the few brand which I know is considered good budget brand but not able to explore at all. So recently while placing order from Hokmakeup I came across this and without even having a second thought I placed my order. I didnt read description no reviews also. Its liquid colored eyeliner that was more than sufficient for me.

My Views-

From where to start I loved the packaging its so chic and pleasing to eyes. Application wand is long and bristle is hard. Its good also and bad also. Good point is bristles are intact so they give neat and crisp line, but bad point is I prefer flexible bristles. And somehow the hard one gives streaky finish.

Its milky pastels, very intense and very richly pigmented. You really need to be daring to use it. I somehow not comfortable with the applicator has used brush instead later on and somehow with brush Application has become so smooth. I will mention in the pic description.

Pigmentation is great, staying power is also good, it doesnt crumble if you apply nicely. Quantity is good. Color is bright kind of neonish light blue.

Ratings- 9/10 (for pigmentation, color, staying power) 6/10 (applicator doesnt give smooth finish)


directly from applicator
applied from applicator
Applied from brush
Applied from brush
Applied from brush
Applied from brush