Miniso Rose Exfoliating Bath Salt

Product Name- Miniso Rose Exfoliating Bath Salt
MRP- Rs 250/-

I always make sure to visit Miniso once in a while. I love their products. In my recent visit to Miniso I came across this product which is a bath salt. I have never tried bath salt as such. I think around 5 years back I got one bath salt but that was in powder form and that all gone waste. So when I checked it was not the powder texture. Hence I was good to go ahead.

The product says its enriched with rose essence. The fragrance is sweet and salty both. Presence of rose essence makes it sweet and obviously bath salt make it salty. It says it makes skin supple, clean, moisturised and fragrant.

Coming to claims one by one

Supple Skin- skin feel a bit supple just after wash but it doesnt stay long you have to hydrate your skin for long effect

Clean- yes this is the most valid claim, skin feels squeaky clean may be because of exfoliating nature. It seems it cleans every bit of dirt and remove the outer dead skin layer.

Moisturised- I have dry skin and my skin dont need moisturiser just after bath when I use this. But as I mentioned it doesnt stay for long so may be after an hour or two you have to apply moisturiser.

Fragrant- nopes, at time of taking bath only it vanishes soon you step out from your bathroom.

Overall I liked the product, price is reasonable, a little lathers really well. The bath salt doesnt get absorb quickly, it takes time. Exfoliates well, but beware its little harsh so not for daily use. Once in a week is fine.

Do you like bath Salt, which one is your favourite?

Rating- 7/10










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Disclaimer- I have purchased and used this product. Based on my experience I have shared my honest views