Quilling- Blooming Flowers (my first Quilling project done 3 years back)

Yes this was my first Quilling project and will always be special for me. I came across quilling through one of my friend on Facebook and it somehow clicked me that very moment. I knew I have to try this. So I searched online for quilling supply and came to know about one wonderful website http://www.itsybitsy.in they have great collection of hobby, art and craft items.

So I ordered some quilling strips and quilling tools. As without any research I placed the order. I went for the cheapest price wise quilling strip hence ended up ordering 1 mm strip. Later on I came to know quantity wise they are less also most importantly they are difficult to work upon.

So when I started quilling I was not able to roll the strip nicely infact a total failure. I was like why I wasted my money on it. I watched couple of YouTube videos and googled about it. Most of the tutorials were of 2mm strips and above. So again very patiently I started quilling and this time it was neat and good. So that how my love for this art started. I find quilling extremely satisfying and calming.

Here I have used 1mm strip for basic flower. 2mm strip for leaves 2 mm strip for butterfly (yes there are two butterflies too 😜) readymade cut strips for fringed flower (if you are beginner you can buy the pre cut fringed flower but in long run its always advisable to make own fringed flower). 5 mm strips for that colorful tight coiled border.



With lots of ♥️


Note- pictures are clicked from my mobile with its built in filter mode. Further to enhance the features it’s editted on App.

Disclaimer- This is done by me for hobby purpose.