Incolor Baking Highlighter-1 (Shade No.1)

Product Name-Incolor Baking Highlighter-1

MRP- Rs 295/-

Highlighter is one such makeup product which you may not like till you start using it, and once you start using it there is no going back.

So last year when suddenly my love for highlighter increased I got this one based on the feedback of my one of the facourite Indian YouTuber Ms Shreya Jain. Though I think she mentioned some other shade but I was so desperate to have one went ahead with Shade No.1, which was the only available shade that time.


Well when I got the parcel and opened it, it was white like lierally white. I was like what I will do from it. But my love for highlighter forced me to read review and try it. I was not able to find much detail about this particular shade. But when I tried it on hand it looked kind of golden to me. Its very richly pigmented, though its not that buildable. When you use good quality highlighter you can clearly see the difference. Here the shimmer particle is quite visible and they kind of settle at one place you need to be really quick and careful while blending. Better not to use it on top of any cream product. Apply compact or loose powder. If you are using bluch better to use powder blush it gives nice effect in that case.


As much pigmentation is concerned I will give it full mark and it stays for long hours. But do do do make sure a little is more as you dont want to look messed up by end of the day (or night)

If you are at beginner level, you can give it a try its a nice budget buy.

Ratings- 6/10




With lots of ♥️


Note- pictures are clicked from my mobile with its built in filter mode. Further to enhance the features it’s editted on App.

Disclaimer- I have purchased and used this product. Based on my experience I have shared my honest views