Besan Halwa Recipe

First time I am going to post under Food heading and this makes me super excited. I started this blog couple of years back with a mindset that it will be my place where I will mention what I love to do, what are my passions etc. And I am happy that slowly I am moving towards it.

As we say in our tradition the very first recipe I would like to share will be a sweet dish. So here we go with one of the famous and most savoured halwa. Please do check out footnotes for some important points.


  1. Besan- 1 cup
  2. Jaggery or sugar- 1/4th cup (for mild average sweetness) 1/2 cup for proper sweetness
  3. Refined oil or Ghee- 1/4th cup you need to stir more if you want halwa to leave oil, 1/2 cup comparatively stirring less. I have even tried it with 1/8th Cup and trust me amount of hard work increase a bit, but with taste its if not same then somehow same. So do your calculation
  4. Milk or Water- 1 cup. I prefer Milk but you can skip it and add water instead.
  5. Add ons- dry fruits of your choice (I like ghee roasted Almond, Cashews and Raisins), Cardamom


  1. Dry roast Besan in a thick bottomed frying pan till its rawness finish and it start changing color, and also you start getting nutty fragrance. On low flame with continuous stirring the process may take 10-15 mins. for 1 cup (300gm cup) besan. This is very important and most time taking step. I have even tried with medium and high flame but result with low flame is bestest. And also you can go for medium flame but never for High. I also add some cardamom seeds for that added flavour.
  2. Once you start getting the aroma add jaggery/sugar and keep on stirring till the jaggery/sugar is well mixed with besan. Powdered Jaggery is prefferred and if you are taking normal jaggery blocks try to make them smaller blocks.
  3. Now add oil/ghee. Keep on stirring. The besan will be nicely coated in oil.
  4. Now is the time to add Milk/water.
  5. Keep on stirring if you have added less of oil and sugar you need to stir more so that mixture become like a big lump and start leaving a bit of oil.
  6. Now mix dry fruits and tadaaa you are done.



  • I made the recipe as per my preference and choices, the mesasurement may be more or less for you. Though I will always try to mention this point.
  • I am not a proper chef, I just love cooking for me and my family. I check various food blogs, instagram accounts, youtube videos etc so whenever I will take any recipe I will definitely mention the source link. Lets be fair and thankful to one and all.
  • As I have just started working on it so step by step pictures etc will not be available for time being

With lots of ♥️


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