Happy New Year 2020

Hello Everyone, Happy New year to you and your family and your friends and all your near and dear ones.

2019 was a super quick year for me, with my little one how fast it gone just like blink. If I just analyse my 2019 in some growth perspective I cant see much development, but when I analyse it at personal level I can see so many things.

2019 my one dream came true this blog which I started few years back I transferred it into a website. It was a big step knowing that there will be no money only investment. And investment of not only money but time too. Managing time is super difficult for me with so many commitments at both personal and professional level.

But Blingnbangs is my passion, its my dream its something I think everyday. Hence I want 2020 to be more grand more bigger and more better content wise.

What I feel my area of improvement can be

  • Better content- its all about content in blogging. Sometimes due to rush and due to excitement and due to whatever reason we compromise on content. I will try not to do that
  • Better Picture Quality- currently I use my mobile only I am not sure though this year I will be able to move to camera or not but one thing for sure I will definitely improve my picture quality.
  • More Regular- Though 2019 was a better year as I tried to be more regular but 2020 I will try to be more consistent
  • Focus on other categories- My most of the content are of Beauty and personal care, but in real life I am more towards food, travelling, hobbies and what not. So I need to focus on them too with better content

So what you all are planning for this year. Lemme know in comments.

With lots of ♥️