O3+ Plunge Pumpkin Glow Sleeping Mask

O3+ Plunge Pumpkin Glow Sleeping Mask

MRP- Rs 740/-

While selecting the category I realised I have not reviewed a single sleeping mask till now. But why, I have tons of them (if not tons, but many I do have). Well I think I will have to go on a spree of Sleeping Mask review.

Also while searching the O3+ website I am not able to find this particular product though its still available on Nykaa. https://www.nykaa.com/o3-plunge-pumpkin-glow-sleeping-mask/p/470481

Do you like pumpkin latte or pumpkin ice cream or just simple pumpkin. Oh My God its fragrance is damn good. Its so soothing, so refreshing. Just for the fragrance I can use this sleeping mask. Yes I can. Fragrance stay for atleast an hour.

From Nykaa.com

“How to use

  • Apply the mask all over the face and leave it undisturbed for 8-10minutes.
  • Now gently massage off or remove the mask with a wet towel.”

I have used it as a normal mask and as overnight sleeping mask both. I believe its more effective as overnight sleeping mask. Its really very light weight and feels like water, get quickly absorbs. I have dry skin and I dont feel need of any extra hydration. This is good enough for me.

From Nykaa.com

“Product Description-

O3+ Plunge Pumpkin Glow Sleeping Mask is an all in one face mask that works wonders on your damaged, dull and dry skin while you sleep. Formulated with nourishing, soothing and moisturizing and glow boosting natural ingredients, this mask absorbs quickly to make a dramatic difference in the morning.


  • Instant glow and moisture sleeping mask formulated with pumpkin fruit extract
  • Pumpkin is a superfood full of antioxidants that helps relieve dull and dry skin
  • It unveils a smoother, clearer, brighter, revitalized and younger looking complexion
  • The product is formulated in USA”

So this is especially formulated for damaged, dull and dry skin. And no wonder it works really good on me. But lets take each and every claim one by one

  • Instant glow- kind of yes, if you apply it on washed clean skin it does give a good glow.
  • Moisture- this is 200% correct
  • Smoother, Clearer, Brighter, Revitalized and younger looking complexion- i am not sure what they mean by younger looking complexion, it may be younger looking skin. This sleeping mask works really well in giving boost of hydration and somehow which result in all the points mentioned but specifically i didnt saw any dramatic result.

Also one notice it looks so edible. Hard to resist I know.

Overall I liked this product, it doesnt do anything extraordinary for my skin. But I like product which is light weight, get easily absorbs in skin and still give me boost of hydration.



Ratings- 7/10

With lots of ♥️


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Disclaimer- I have purchased and used this product. Based on my experience I have shared my honest views