Earth Rhythm Hibiscus & Rose Cleansing Buff

Earth Rhythm Hibiscus & Rose Cleansing Buff

MRP- Rs 399-Rs 599/-
Only Cleansing Buff Jar- Rs 399/-
Cleansing Buff Jar with Coconut Shell and Spoon- Rs 499/-
Cleansing Buff Jar with Facial Brush- Rs 450/-
Full Set- Rs 599/-

Oh My My The Earth Rhythm what you have done to me. Its so difficult for me to control myself to not get your products. They are so freaking good. Forget about the result for sometime..they look so good, they feel so good, they are so good to our mother nature. The way the products are described on their website I feel like robbing their store (if only I can).

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The Earth Rhythm website have all the details about the product you can read and buy the same from here.

I came to know about Soapworks India aka The Earth Rhythm some 6 months back and there is no going back slowly and steadily I am getting so many products from them. This one is one of the initial buy and I got it from Amazon.

When I received the packet it was packed so nicely with newspapers and all. When I opened I fell in love with the jar. It doesnt come with spatula I have used one of my old one for this.

Let me summarise my points as below:-

  • Its very finely milled you dont feel any harsh object
  • Its mentioned that you can use it with milk, water, aloe or yogurt. I have always used it with water and that way it works good for me
  • The moment you add any medium the color change from pinkish white to pink, it may be because of presence of hibiscus and rose
  • Also you will feel some super rolled rose petals kind of object
  • it feels so smooth on hand and same on face.
  • most of the time I use it as normal cleanser, take some amount on my hand, put some drops of water, rub my palms and put it on my wet face and clean clean clean like regular cleanser
  • occasionaly i use it as face mask by leaving it for couple of minutes, it dries very quickly
  • needless to mention the fragrance, it is amazzzing. So refreshing, so mild, so floral
  • I feel it works good as extremely mild exfoliator and I love it for this my skin cant tolerate heave exfoliation on regular basis.
  • I have a typical dry skin and after using this I dont feel much dryness, though I always use moisturiser soon after cleansing but its not super dry
  • It does cleanse the whole face thoroughly, and also remove light makeup like eyshadow, foundation, balm, eyeliner etc
  • It cant remove waterprooof or stubborn makeup
  • A little goes a long way, very little quantiy is enough to work well
  • If you ask me any extra ordinary change well I have not noticed the same, but frankly speaking I cant expect a cleanser to perform like miracle for my skin.
  • The jar is of glass and is reusable.

Have you tried any Earth Rhythm product, whats your take on that. Let me know in comments below. Also find below some of the clicks of this beautiful product. Yes I have almost finished the Jar.








With lots of ♥️


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Disclaimer- I have purchased and used this product. Based on my experience I have shared my honest views