Miss Nails Sugar Matte Nail Color-4 Feel The Rain

Miss Nails Sugar Matte Nail Color-4 Feel The Rain

MRP- Rs 125/-

This brand is my recent explore. I know they do existed much before but I started trying their nail polishes in recent time and needless to say they are amaaaazing. They have great range with awesome formulas. They have different finishes too which includes the cult favourite Sugar matte range.

The Sugar matte range is 5 free formula. These days i try to have nail polishes which are atleast 5 free.

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Coming to this particular color and range. While checking my Instagram where I follow many nail Instagrammer I came to know about this brand and particularly this formula. Till 2018 I was not even aware that any textured nail polish exist. In 2018 accidentally I ordered one Stay Quirky nail polish which was textured one its another thing I gifted it to someone else that time. But when I saw the pics on Instagram with the perfect texture I know I had to get it. I ordered 2 shades from this range. One I have already reviewed here and another is this one.

I wanted to have more bold and bright shade with no glitter at all. But I got these two only as available shades on Nykaa were less and whatever available i thought these two should be fine for my choice. Well when I received it initially I used it on my toenails and thats a mistake I did. Its not like that you cant apply it on toenails but somehow you done feel the texture and I think (totally my opinion) this shade and texture look good on long well managed nails. So recently when I grew my nails a bit I thought to give it a retry and I was right it looks and feel so good. I am totally in love with it.

As it is a textured nail polish so a top coat is not recommended. So after a day I felt a bit of chipping (very little almost negligible) on tip. It increased a bit on 2nd day. 4th day it was kind of visible chipping.  But just to update I wash my hand n number of times thanks to my toddler. But it doesnt peel atleast not on my nails. Reomving is a bit tough but with good nail polish remover it will be fine.

Its a violet based textured glittery nail polish. (i think i cant desribe it better than this)

Now lets have some swatches:-


Ratings- 8.5/10

With lots of ♥️


Note- pictures are clicked from my mobile with its built in filter mode. No further editting is done. The picture is in natural day light.

Disclaimer- I have purchased and used this product. Based on my experience I have shared my honest views