Chambor Extreme Eyes Long Wear Kohl – #03 Dark Green

Chambor Extreme Eyes Long Wear Kohl – #03 Dark Green

MRP- Rs 695/-

Chambor make me remember my love for makeup around 10 years back. When I was doing my MBA and brand like chambor was kind of luxury for me. With some savings I purchased couple of makeup before my internship and a peacock blue/green (i dont remember exactly as that line is discontinued) kajal from Chambor was one of them. Why I am remembering it because I got so many things after that especially Kajal, eyeliner, eyemakeup product etc. But that peacock blue kajal my first colored kajal and that too 10 years back when in general people were not using colored kajal much was a big thing for me.

Coming to now, in recent times I have noticed I am not much comfortable using every and any kajal on my waterline. Some I dont feel safe and some make my eyes watery and irritated. And as much colored kajal are concerned I am more cautious. I thought to go back again to chambor and ordered 2 shades from their Extreme eyes long wear Kohl range. They are decently prices at Rs 695/-




Today I am going to review the Dark Green Kohl. My views are:-

  • Formula is super creamy, and it takes few second to completely dry. If you want to smudge you can do it in that time afterwards it gets dry and settle. Though its not dry like super dry where you smudge and you feel its not even moving. In this case its decently dry which is my faourite.
  • lately most of the time I have dry lids so any color stay for longer time on my lids looking at the formula I am doubtful on its performance on oild skin/oily lid people, it may smudge alot.
  • also I have used it once and did workout soon after that, due to sweat it did smudged alot. Though i like that smudged look but it depends how much layer I have on my skin and where I am. So be careful.
  • The color is pretty dark green I love love love these kind of shades they are good alternative to boring black and brown color.
  • It was very comfortable on my waterline. And the one you see in pic is just 2 times application on waterline. I didnt felt watery eyes nor any irritation.
  • They can be easily removed my using any makeup remover product.
  • Pigmentation is superb just one stroke is enough.
  • Also this is a matte shade
  • You need a sharpener as it doesnt come retractable form. Somehow I dont like this but fro hygiene point of view its good.
  • Staying power on my dry eyelids is quite good it stayed for almost 7-8 hours without any problem.





Overall I simply love this color and would rate it

Rating- 8.5/10
With lots of ♥️


Note- pictures are clicked from my mobile without filter mode. Further minor editting is done through editting app. The picture is in natural day light.

Disclaimer- I have purchased and used this product. Based on my experience I have shared my honest views