Book Review- The Courtesan, The Mahatma and the Italian Brahmin: Tales from Indian History by Manu S Pillai

Book 9 of 2020

The Courtesan, The Mahatma and the Italian Brahmin: Tales from Indian History by Manu S Pillai

Oh the fancy name and my urge to read anything history related, well here I am gone crazy with the name found it on Kindle unlimited and had to read it. (Thank God my Kindle unlimited subscription going to end this week and I am in no mood of getting it renewed. If you people have some good Kindle unlimited suggestions please pour out the same)

So coming to this book

πŸ‘‰this book has short short stories from our history, divided before Raj (English rule) , Stories from Raj and one is after essay kind of

πŸ‘‰ There are 25 stories before Raj, which I think were good, means most of them, though the stories were mainly southern part of India dominated but that’s totally fine to me

πŸ‘‰ There are around 35 stories of during the Raj which I found boring and dull. It was really painful to read some stories it was that boring

πŸ‘‰ If you are someone who have read many history domain book many of the story you will already be knowing but if you don’t like history and don’t enjoy it please give it a miss

πŸ‘‰ I will not suggest this book to someone who don’t know much about our Indian history as at many times my thought doesn’t resonate with what author wanted to say like in the case of Swami Vivekananda, Laxmibai, Mirabai and to that matter even Dara Shukoh I checked with reviews again and I found that many people has shared the same thing.

πŸ‘‰ But as this book has around 60 short stories totally independent of each other it’s a good timepass reading book which you finish super easy even the language is very normal English

πŸ‘‰ Some stories were really good like the one on Lingayat, Basava etc. But as these were south India related story thats why may be my knowledge was less and I enjoyed reading that

πŸ™ So my suggestion will be if you love history read this book otherwise you can easily skip

Note- I still love the book title and the illustrations

With lots of β™₯️


Note- pictures are clicked from my mobile. Further editting is done through editting app. The picture is in natural day light.

Disclaimer- I have purchased and read this book on Kindle. Based on my experience I have shared my honest views