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I never thought I will be sharing post related to my (actual) Professional life here. But on my last post I got lot of support through your likes and views. So I thought let me share what more we are planning and doing here. Those interested can like and follow the HRMind_Speaks profile by clicking here

Also you can check my last post by clicking here where I have shared some never told details about me and one of my dream of having a dedicated handle for my love of work.

As few of my friends write various various posts for it, I will always mention if it’s from my side. Also we are on twitter too though yet to function fully.

This post I wrote as one of the initial post. Though my work profile is of generalist but talent acquisition was and is always a part of it. I have closed position from fresher to top management. Every month there are multiple positions closed sometimes its bulk hiring too, sometimes campus placement etc. I will keep on sharing information on Instagram and youtube and will provide the link here.

We use lots of source for hiring both internal and external resources. One of the major source is job portal profile. If you are someone who is genuinely looking for a job change or a new job full time or part time or as a freelancer, you should have a great job portal profile.

Read on my 5 tips which comes after experience of almost a decade by clicking @HRMind_Speaks (it’s the direct link of the post)

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Disclaimer- The views expressed are best of our knowledge and we have kept it real based on our experience. It’s just to give you an idea, if you think the same can’t work for you that’s totally okay. Let us know in comments if you have any query