Much needed short break

Hey Everyone,

Hope you are doing well. I was on a short break of 2-3 days where I took a break from almost all blogging, Instagram and other social media. In last one month I have literally forced myself with so many works apart from regular work.

This is not the kind of post I do but perhaps I needed to vent out a little and also we should not overburden ourself with too much work as it did took a toll on my health also. Though I am good in planning and time management but my major issue is doing so many things at same time.

I have habbit of writing down my day plan from years sometimes I do it on my mobile sometimes on sticky notes these days I am doing it on a small cute diary. Journal is always my favourite but due to toddler I avoid it. As my husband has to leave office early morning and my daughter is sleeping at that time. I take a cup of tea and my diary and note down my plan and click a photo. Well yeah because I need to check what tasks are left and if my daughter will see the diary she will not leave it like that.

Anyways I was totally busy with my Insta accounts related to makeup, food, hobbies, travel and books and HR topics (yeah j have separate account for all)

Apart from that I was also busy in networking on LinkedIn as I have created an HR group there. Like I had so many invitation so accepting that sending invitation Plus also I was involved with an interview process where I had to prepare a ppt. Interview process went well and my presentation also well appreciated we are in process of roles and responsibilities and salary negotiation but most probably I will not join as I feel it’s not what my profile should be.

So a break of 2-3 days just to relax and think what I really want to do and making a feasible action plan. Somehow I am clear now. This blog is very close to my heart and will always be the priority.

So stay tuned guys there are hell lot of reviews, hobby things, food recipes and ideas even travel pics (old one and some new also), books review, diy and much more.

Now feeling good to share with you all.

With lots of love 💓