Floral Doodle on Mini Brown Sketchbook


It seems my love for floral print are increasing more. Today I went ahead and made one on Mini Brown Sketchbook which I got from Ayush Paper. This Sketchbook is 4×4 cm and come separately also or in a set of 3. I got set of 3 which is black, white and this one.

This floral pattern is my latest love and I am planning to make it on different kind of paper with different medium. I have already shared the one on black mini sketchbook you can check it here and on mini Watercolor book which you can check here.

Before I share pic you can check below links to know more about my hobby love. I consider myself a beginner or a novice level and exploring different kind of art and crafts.

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Doodle- click here

Coming to today’s post I initially thought to put Sakura gelly roll colors direct on brown sketchbook but when I put a simple I thought it may look plain so made a little change like a white flower and colored outline with green leaves. Not extremely but I am happy with the result and currently almost 4-5 more ideas are on my mind to create something similar yet different.

Floral doodle on mini brown Sketchbook

Do you get such phase when you want to make everything almost similar…Let me know in comments.

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