DIY Peppa Pig wall pic …oh wait it’s Mummy Pig

Peppa Pig is a household name and our kids love them a lot. So is my daughter. She loves Peppa pig her family her friend everyone. I was planning to get a cutout for her room from long time but then decided that I will do a diy. I was looking for print to trace but went with free hand. I had color papers so drew face, hand, tail and leg on it. And cloth on orange paper. Sticked on a thick 200 gsm A3 paper. I looked for cardboard but didn’t found any hence went ahead with thick paper. Outline, eyes, shoes etc done from Black, Pink and orange sketch pen.

DIY handmade Peppa pig Wall cutout
Here she is

But when my daughter (she is 2.5 yr old) saw it she was like Mumma this is Mummy Pig. Oh how I missed I had to use red paper for dress not orange. Anyway I am planning to make Suzy sheep next.

Which is your favourite character?

With lots of love ❤️