Minimalist Nail Art using Nail Accessories- Super Easy and Beginner Level

Hey Everyone,

Many times after applying nail polish I leave it for 1-2 days and after that I do a simple nail art on it. Most of the time they are accesories based. I am not at all a pro and still learning. Still I thought to share those basic minimalist Nail Art with you people.

I have already posted about my love for H& M nail polish in my previous post here. I was all love 💓 for it so thought why not use a heart shape nail art accesories on it. This nail wheel I got way back in 2016 in a Supermarket near to my office (for Hyderabad, India people it’s Ghanshyam store near to Google office in HiTech City). I tried to use them previously but I on my short nails plus lack of knowledge I messed them and hence kept it in my drawer.

2020 I have explored so many things and my love for nail art was one among them. So I took out this nail wheel and planned to include it in my nail arts. Currently I am proud owner of different different nail art items. Though I do take care of my nails but I am pretty sure I can break them easily. Hence different items for different nail mood.

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Anyway below are the pics of the nail art I have done. On the two coat of H&M nail polish I applied a thin layer of top coat. With a help of tweezer I placed the accessories on each nail. And after a minute sealed it with a thick layer of top coat. I have used Faces Canada top coat and I am really happy with it. Alternatively you can use the nail glue and then seal it with top coat. This way it will last longer. With my nail polish thing it stays for 2 days generally with my normal work routine.

Minimalist Nail Art using H&M Golden Turmeric nail polish
Bottle and the nails

Minimalist Nail Art using H &M Golden Turmeric nail polish
All heart 💓

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Note- pictures are clicked from my mobile without any filter mode. To enhance the features some pictures are edited on App.

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