Wear your Tradition with Pride- The Madhubani Painting Face Mask

I went to my Hometown last month for some important work. There I saw my father using these hand made hand painted Mithila painting face mask. We local call it Mithila painting but it’s world famous as Madhubani painting.

My ancestral place is a village in Madhubani, Bihar, India. Though we have lot of things to discuss about it. May be I will do a separate posts for that. But one of the famous one is the madhubani paintings. Though it has modified itself with time on techniques. Traditionally natural colors were used. There are so many things to share which definitely needs a different post plus I am planning to make a Madhubani painting hence it will be better if I discuss it that time.

Anyway so I asked my father if I can get these. So he got 3 for me here I am flaunting one of them.

Do you guys use these kind of masks let me know in comments.

Lots of love 💞