Brida by Paulo Coelho – A very very late post

This is not a general fiction book. If you are someone who want to start with reading you may read this as the language is simple but the language of Paulo Coelho is a different level. But to those who are passionate Reader give this a try. A different read after all.

This book has two sides black and white. Either you will love it or not there is no mid way. If the story theme connects with you …you will enjoy reading it otherwise No….it’s story of a girl in her journey of knowledge…love, passion, desire for a soulmate, mystery and spirituality (art of witchcraft).

I see Brida as a many times I connect with her when she search for things she always wanted to. I too have an insatiable desire to many things. For that I read and I read more…. I enjoy her journey of searching spirituality, magic, witchcraft.

Brida by Paulo Coelho
Brida by Paulo Coelho

Have you read this book? Have you read other books from Paulo Coelho?

With lots of ♥️


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Disclaimer- I have purchased the Kindle version and read this book. Based on my experience I have shared my honest views