Easy DIY Bottle Painting and handmade quilled flower Home Decor Idea

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Hope you are doing great. Today’s post is about an easy DIY home decor idea.

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Idea and work behind this-

I strongly believe for any DIY work there are some underlying ideas on which we work upon.

So in past I have done a beautiful bottle paint work with paper flower which looked so beautiful. You can check the link here.

For some random project I had made many quilled paper flowers which I was not able to do and these flowers were of no use

I thought of doing one DIY, and on a glass bottle I used Chalk paint…to that matter you can use any paint which looks better on glass, you can even stick colored papers or washi tapes or wrap yarn or jute thread on bottle. Creativity is all yours and stick some quilled flowers on it. If you don’t have quilling strips or you are not into quilling, you can even make any paper flower or star whatever on this. I am sure it will look beautiful.

Let me know in comments if you liked this.Glass bottle painting with quilled flowers

The look

With lots of ♥️


Note- pictures are clicked from my mobile without any filter mode. Further to enhance the features it’s editted on App.

Disclaimer- this DIY has been done by taking idea from various sources like Pinterest, YouTube etc. But the final design is my own creation. The opinion and feedback shared is my own based on my experiences