Chamomile Rose Herb Tea from Tea Trunk

I have a weird habbit of saving my most favourite from the lot for the last even for new things. This was the one I wanted to try first and now it’s second last I am left with one more sample now which I will review soon.
Chamomile Rose Herb Tea
The beauty

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My Views

☕Its very soothing aromatic tea. It’s not exactly a tea but herb mix. Fragrance is medium to strong but in pleasant way and have floral notes.

☕Caffeine level is zero so can be taken at any time. Best way is to take before sleeping, it’s soothing and relaxing

☕It’s a Sampler and can make around 4-7 cups depending upon your cup size and how strong you want the flavour

☕As per website their all tea Variant can be rebrewed so is this one too. I do rebrew it after a gap of around 1 hour and it taste good only

☕Dried petals of rose and chamomile

☕This tea is good for digestion and promotes better sleep.Chamomile Rose Herb TeaCup of Tea
I am surely going to get the full size of this particular flavour.

With lots of ♥️


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I have purchased and used this product. Based on my experience I have shared my honest views