Nail Foil Transfer-how to do it as beginner with help of Nail Foil Adhesive Glue

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Today I am going to share one interesting topic which is on nail foil.

But before we discuss that I would like to give a little background, I use to had big nails back to my college days slowly I started keeping them mid length and after pregnancy I kept it short for almost one n half yr. I came across many wonderful nail instagram account and they changed my perspective I started taking care again and fell in love with nail polishes and nail arts.

On my blog you can find so so so many nail polishes and nail art reviews. I can confidently say that my nail art are beginner friendly though slowly I am moving to a medium kind of level.

If you want to check click here for Nail Arts posts and click here for naol polish reviews and swatches.

So as I already mentioned I am doing experiment with nail arts nail polishes. One of my constant purchases are from . Just for information as her stocks get out of stock quickly many time she is not able to update on website, use chat option or dm option on her Instagram account to get in touch with her for whatever latest stock she has and if you need anything else. I can assure high quality, genuine products and an awesome customer service from their side.

I got 2 set of foils almost 4-5 months back but was hesitant to use that. They were lying unused I decided to give it a try, watched many videos checked many blogs.

Below are the list of products used in it

  • Base Coat- Nykaa 7 in 1 nail spa

  • Black Nail Polish- Miniso Pittura Black nail polish

  • Adhesive Glue- Born Pretty purchased from ilovemypolish

  • Nail Foil- Purchased from ilovemypolish

  • Top Coat- Faces Canada top coat

Pink nail foil

I have prepared a video on this and have uploaded on my Youtube channel linking it below

Also below are some points from my side

💖 There are so many types of nail foils available in market. After this I tried one more I will share that very soon and my order from two sellers are on their way for other foils. So I will be sharing many reviews and videos on this in coming days.

💖 Glue makes lot of difference I think without glue it will be almost impossible I did tried with top coat and all nothing worked. With glue and I believe a good glue it was cake walk

💖 It took almost 30 second to 60 second to get the glue layer translucent but before you apply glue it’s strongly recommended to let dry the nail polish coat otherwise when you apply foil your nail polish will come out. So let the nail polish dry completely after that apply glue wait for a minute and apply foil

💖 You can use foil on whole nail or just use it scattered. If you are going to use it on whole nail press it on whole nail for few seconds. In my coming videos I will share the same.

💖 Always use the top coat to seal the foil and give a wonderful effect

💖 My experience so far has been good and I am super excited to try new ones. Also I find them more better for toe nails and its easy to apply and maintain.

Below are the pics

Pink nail foil on black nail polish

Pink nail foil on black nail polish

Pink nail foil on black nail polish
Pink nail foil on black nail polish
Sun and shade
Pink nail foil on black nail polish

Pink nail foil on black nail polish

Pink nail foil on black nail polish

Have you tried nail foil …let me know in comments

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Note- pictures are clicked from my mobile without any filter mode. To enhance the features some pictures are edited on App.

Disclaimer- I have purchased and used this product. Based on my experience I have shared my honest views