Blue Sky and Snow… Watercolor Painting

Lately I have explored so many art supplies and mainly it was the paper medium..I used same color that’s Camlin one and almost same brush sets..a mix of Faber castell, Itsy bitsy, Mont Marte and a worrison brand brush from Amazon. They do a decent job till I get a medium level artist brushes

In paper one of my love last year was Menorah sketchbook A7 size. I got them from Amazon and they come in pack of 4. Needless to say they are wonderful, paper quality, binding everything. Even though they are 180 gsm one can do light watercolor painting on them.

I am using all 4 of them, for doodle, for watercolor, and one for poster and acrylic color too. And it’s wonderful. I will do a complete flip through once they are completed.

Coming to today’s post and once again it’s all about Sky, trees and snow. Here we go

Menorah sketchbook A7 size
Blue sky, trees and snow

With lots of ♥️


Note- pictures are clicked from my mobile without filter mode. No editting is done. The picture is in natural day light.

Disclaimer- I have purchased and used this product. Based on my experience I have shared my honest views