Touch of Neon Nail Art- Beginner friendly for Small Nails


This might be the most common thing in the world of Google search, Instagram, Pinterest and blah blah world. Still I am here to share one super easy beginner friendly nail art for people with short nails. We are going to use neon shade so yes its one gorgeous combo of Short nail with neon touch. And not to forget its super beginner friendly nail art.

Why this Nail Art-

Neon is in from long time and they are going to stay. On a neutral base these touch of Neon pop so well its an automatic gorgeous look. Its subtle yet eye catchy at same time. Best thing is anyone can do this with minimal supply and on any nail length you dont need to have those big stilettoes nail.


Any base color, I will prefer neutral or white shade, you can choose any which you like even bright shade is fine. A tooth pick or a thin brush to paint on the tip. Neon nail polish (1 or many) even bright nail polish should also be fine.

Base Nail Polish is from Faces Canada, Base coat is from Nykaa and Top Coat is from Bella Voste all purchased from Nykaa
Neon Nail polish from El Corazon and Gorgeous Cosmos from I Love My Polish

How to do it?

Simple apply base coat once its dry apply the base nail polish of your choice. Once its dry completely (the nail polish should be dried completely otherwise it can be a mess) with help of any thin brush or even tooth pick take out some neon or bright nail polish and draw a thin line first. Based on what you like you can make it thicker. You can even make it like French tip. Let it dry and seal it with top coat. 

Want Extra?

Apply a glitter coat to see the magic 🙂

My Thoughts?

You will love it, just try it once. You can try this with whatever color nail polish you have. Just give it a try.

With lots of ♥️


Note- pictures are clicked from my mobile without any filter mode. 
Disclaimer- I have purchased and used these product. Based on my experience I shared my honest views

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3 thoughts on “Touch of Neon Nail Art- Beginner friendly for Small Nails

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    Zainab on said:

    Looks so cute – love the neon vibe!! ❤

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      Thanks alot ♥️

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    Love the neon tips 💕✨

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