Minimalist Nail Art with Gold foil


Hello Everyone,
Hope you all are super fine, I am doing good too juggling between so many things. A full time job is always hectic. My nails behaving bad from long time, I wont say I am taking proper care but yes a decent care I do take, need to really work on this thing as I have got tons of supplies and I am in forever mood of nail growth. From a long time was planning to do a minimalist nail art using gold foil and finally did it last week.


Nail foil from Ilovemypolish and nail polishes from Faces Canada splash nail range. Base coat Nykaa and Top coat Bella Voste. This gold nail foil is economical and of good quality. You dont need any glue for this just take out and press, thats it.

Nail Art-

I wanted the foil to be in center on a n*de base, as I dont have right now any brown based n*de so went ahead with this pink transparent shade from Faces Canada, its Twinkle, you can check the review here

Once the foil was set on Twinkle nail polish, took 3-4 shades and made stripes and sealed it with top coat.



Minimalist nail art

My Views-

I thoroughly enjoyed doing it simple and yet so elegant. Do give it a try, its festival time afterall.

With lots of ♥️


Note- pictures are clicked from my mobile without any filter mode. Further to enhance the features it’s editted on App.

Disclaimer- I have purchased and used these product. Based on my experience I shared my honest views



Hey Everyone,

Hope you all are doing well and fine and taking good care of yourself and your near and dear ones.

I am posting almost after a month and half this has been longest gap in last 2 years. Its not that I don’t have content there are tons of them on my mobile and draft ready to be shared. But the Second wave peak of Covid-19 in India disturbed me alot. Many of my close friends, relatives , colleagues, neighbors got affected by it. Many are still recovering and some left us too. It was and is time for prayers, hope, healing, expectations.

And in peak of the misery I switched my job too. From past 4 yrs I was part of an organization where I was totally free related to my work but somehow the growth both financially and skill wise have stopped a long time back. There were hardly any learning left. After thinking alot took a call and that kept me busy too.

I have been making art throughout last few months and I will share them soon. Makeup products I have not invested much since the pandemic started last yr. Still with whatever I have, there are still many to be reviewed. Sane goes for personal care products too.

Going forward I will be sharing content related to

1. Personal care product– there are many which I am loyal to, or using from long time or gave me good result. I generally take lots of time to review any personal care product. Most of the time either I review it when I repurchase or finish it.

2. Art and Craft- it wont be a single post for one painting. As I use mostly mini journals, sketchbooks etc hence I will merge few..either on weekly basis..or journal type. Something like that..I am yet to decide how its going to be. Also the area I will be covering in Art and Craft are

2.a. Painting- watercolor, Gouache, Poster color, acrylic.. As of now these mediums I am using for painting

2.b. Doodle, zentangle, mandala

2.c. Crochet

2.d. Quilling

2.e. DIY like home decor items, handmade journals , papers etc

2.f. Misc- sometimes I do embroidery, junk journaling or journaling etc

3. Books– though lately I have reduced my book reading marathon but I am sure soon I will be back hence my views on the books read

4. Food and recipes- now this is something I don’t want to do in detail. Personally I like either step by step recipe or video and both are not possible for me. Also I don’t want to share any regular recipe there are tons already in much much better way. I am planning to share experimental recipe, easy healthy recipe, kid friendly recipe, menu ideas etc

5. Travel/outings- the worst affected thing by Pandemic. Well this is something which will pop up in between… May be some old pics or new lets see how I will be able to do it.

These are few things I have thought by now. For rest random thoughts I will do on my other blog

I am so happy and excited to be back..and to check the blogs of my fellow Bloggers.. I missed reading and interacting with you all.



My Journal Collection from Bohemian Alley Instagram Store


With all the things happening around the only thing which is keeping me sane these days is Art Therapy. In last one year I have done some good investment in quality journals, sketchbooks etc. Art and craft is still a hobby for me but creating anything gives me immense happiness. In this journey of exploring art material I came across Bohemian Alley Instagram store. Their journals looked so different to me. I have shared my opinion on them in my previous post here.

My Bohemian Collection-

Previously I have got 2 journals from Bohemian Alley to check whether I like their service, quality of the journal etc or not. I was more then happy and last month went ahead with 4 more journals. These are 100 gsm paper bur suitable for almost every medium.

I have tried Watercolor, Gouache, Pencil, Brush markers, fineliners etc as of now. And they survived all. You just need to be gentle with wet media. They now have a 300 gsm watercolor journal too also limited edition ruled journal.

One more thing as they use scrap fabric as cover for their journals and other stationary item. Their product in one print are limited and may not come again anytime. So if you check their instagram page and like any print its better to place order instantly. Though I like the variety and print doesn’t matter much to me.

Pictures of my Bohemia Collection-

I have around 6 journals from them. Here are the pics

My whole collection as of now

Ready to be unpacked

Recent haul

Ribbon diary side view

Ribbon Diary

Side view Binded Diary

Binded diary

Side view of Big Button Diary

Big Button Diary

Side view of Metal Diary- it has got colored pages

Metal Diary

Side view of Bamboo Lock Diary