Pink Rhinestone Easy Nail Art for Beginners


Nail Art is therapeutic, yes you read it right. Atleast for me, I can explore and do something which will instantly boost up or change my mood. With the current ongoing situation I was feeling low hence decided to do a simple but glittery mani. A month before I did a haul from , so thought to use their pink glitter box and did a Pink Rhinestone easy nail art for beginners.


Base coat- is from Nykaa 7 in 1 nail spa.
Nail Polish– Faces Canada Splash Nail Enamel, Twinkle. I have reviewed it on my blog, you can check by clicking here
Glue for Rhinestone– I have used Nail foil glue from Born Pretty which I again purchased from Ilovemypolish. Not only for foils but this glue is good for shimmers, glitters, sequins, mylar flakes, rhinestones etc.
Top Coat- Bella Voste
Rhinestone Picker- From Indian Nail Art Junkie Instagram Store. This store is again I will highly recommend for variety of nail art products and super quick service and delivery.
Rhinestone– from Ilovemypolish

Pink Rhinestone Nail Art-

Rhinestones I believe is one of the most easy and beginner friendly nail art material. All you need to have is a good glue and a top coat. A good glue is required to stick the rhinestone perfectly. In past I have purchased many nail art glue but I have never used any as of now. Earlier most of the time I was sorted with the transparent coat of nail polish as glue and then sealing it again with same coat. But I came across nail foil glue couple of month before and now I am using it for my nail art and it stays good for even a week, without any issue.

There is nothing fancy in this nail art, a base nail polish which is a bit shimmery, you can use pastel or any shade of your choice or even leave it transparent. Apply nail foil glue layer where you want to stick the rhinestones. Place rhinestone with the help of picker. Now this picker is the game changer. This is super economical and will end you for years if you use it even once a week. They are perfect for rhinestones but works well with majority of mediums.


Below are the pictures for your reference. I really loved how beautiful they looked.


Shine on

love this pic

My Views-

This is a very easy beginner friendly nail art you can do with rhinestones. I used pink you can use whatever color you want and in fact whatever medium you want. Possibility is endless this is to give you an idea.

Also on my website you can find many Nail Art ideas. Click here

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Gorgeous Cosmos Neon Orange Nail Polish- Swatches and Nail Art


Many times on my blog I have mentioned about my love for Ilovemypolish website. I have been shopping my nail art and some foreign brand nail polish stuff from them from almost one and half years. Last year they launched Gorgeous Cosmos on their website especially their Neon Range. I purchased the whole set of 7.
The direct link of the set of 7 GC Neon Nail Polish is here
Link of Neon Orange Nail Polish is here

My Latest Little Haul from Ilovemypolish website-

There was a glitter sale recently and I did a small haul from them. You can see the same in picture below. I will be sharing a nail art along with swatch from this haul.

Glitter mania

Gorgeous Cosmos Neon Orange Nail Polish-

This brand was totally new for me but when I saw the swatches I knew I have to get it. I immediately placed order, it was last mid year. I have reviewed couple of them on my blog, you can read about Gorgeous Cosmos products on my blog by clicking here
Like the other shade this one too is bright and 1-2 coats are enough which generally dont happen with neon nail polishes. My Views are mentioned below

  • Bright bright bright It’s very much bright how a neon nail polish should be
  • It’s very opaque, one coat also give an opaque finish but two will be better.
  • The swatches below are direct application without any white nail polish base which I generally do in case of Neon nail polish.
  • It’s not a quick dry nail polish but not too much time taking also, just a decent time taking
  • Bristles are fine and perfect to give good application
  • Formula is also neither thick nor thin
  • No overpowering smell
  • Stays good for 3-4 days without chipping and peeling
  • Finish is semi matte
  • Good for nail arts
Quick Nail Art with my latest haul product-

Not a brainer nail art, just used some nail art sequins. First of all applied the Nykaa 7 in 1 nail spa, after that Gorgeous Cosmos Neon Orange Nail polish. Two coats have been used and after that I applied Born Pretty Foil glue this really works for me.After few seconds used the Rhinestone and Mylar picker to pick the sequins and place it on my nails. It worked wonderfully. Sealed it with Bella Voste top coat.

Below are the pics

My Views-

I really love this shade and the finish and formula. Enjoyed doing this nail art, its the perfect bling I wanted in this hot summer season. With the right tool it becomes so easy to do any nail art.

With lots of


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Disclaimer- I have purchased and used this product. Based on my experience I have shared my honest views

Silver Foil on Yellow Nail polish- Beginner Nail Art


When I first heard about Nail foils I thought it will be a super difficult process but when I explored more I realized nail foils are in fact super easy to use. Today’s post is about a very easy beginner friendly Silver Foil Nail Art done on Yellow Color Nail Polish. I totally love the Silver color on yellow base nail color and its so easy that any beginner or someone who don’t have much idea can do it.

About My Experience With Nail Foils-

Here is my experience with nail foils. I have mentioned many times on my blog that for my Nail art accessories and many foreign brands I do shopping from Ilovemypolish. Doing shopping from this website from almost 1 n half years and I prefer to connect to the owner directly through DM or Whatsapp because her suggestions always work for me.

Going back to last year may be around September, just to try I got single foil set in 2 varieties. One in metallic golden and another one Black Lacy foil. I have done a detailed review too on them, you check Golden Nail Foil Post here and Black Lacy Nail Foil Post here. After a very good experience with these two foils I got so many foils set in different finish, as I chopped my nails in Feb I am yet to share so many foils nail art and reviews. They have grown up a bit, if they remain good and healthy will share many nail art in coming days.

In last glitter sale I saw these flakes foil, I do have nail foil glue but that’s a bit messy (tiny bit only), that time came to know with flakie foils you just need to press gently and seal with top coat. That’s it, I was surprised and immediately ordered 2 boxes (which has multiple boxes inside, see the pic below). Needless to say my experience was amazing. I have done couple of nail arts with them and I will share very soon. Also you can check my glitter haul post by clicking here

Glitters and Sequins

Beginner Friendly Super Easy Silver Foil Nail Art on Yellow Nail Polish-

This foil nail art is not only beginner friendly and super easy but also looks good on short nails, I have done this on my almost short nails only and it looked wonderful.

Base Coat– Nykaa 7 in 1 Nail Spa (Nykaa Website Direct Link here)
Yellow Nail Polish– Faces Canda Splash Nail Enamel Sunny Side up (Nykaa Website Direct link here)
Grey Nail Polish- Faces Canda Splash Nail Enamel Dove (Nykaa Website direct link here)
Black Nail Polish– Miniso Pittura Black Nail Polish
Silver foil– from Ilovemypolish (
Top Coat– Faces Canada (Nykaa Website direct link here)

Below are the pics:-

My Views

I really loved doing this, its so easy. Just pick up the foil, I used rhinestone picker wax pencil but you can use plucker or toothpick even normal pencil can be used. Place it as desired and press gently. I drew a line by using blakc nail polish on foil curves. Sealed it with top coat. Thats it.

Let me know have you used foils before, how was your experience with it?

With lots of

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Disclaimer- I have purchased and used these product. Based on my experience I shared my honest views

Earth Rhythm Hibiscus & Rose Glow Mask- Review


“With the Power of Botox”, this is the word which caught my attention last year July when I was placing my order from Earth Rhythm. Its their “Earth Rhythm Hibiscus & Rose Glow Mask”. After using it for 6 months, I finished it last December only I am here to review this product.

Surprisingly when I checked today I cant see this product on Earth Rhythm website though the same is available on Nykaa as of now. I have noticed this various times that Earth Rhythm discontinue many products or may be they dont mention out of stock products on their website. I will keep on checking and will update here if they are available on their Website.


Texture shot

Also before we move ahead with our detailed review. I would like to share some related posts link. You can check my all Earth Rhythm product reviews by clicking here
You can find my other Face mask related posts here.
Now lets jump to the product Review

Product Name- Earth Rhythm Hibiscus & Rose Glow Mask
MRP- Rs 698/- for 100 gm
Ingredients- Check the pic below

Ingredient List

Description- Check the pic below


How to use- Check the pic below

How to Use

My Views-

I ordered this when my skin was undergoing a major change. Its not that I have changed my diet or introduced any new routine. Perhaps it was more related to negligence. I was busy in managing office and household plus my other hobby related works. Somehow neglected the pampering of my skin. Generally I have good experience with Earth Rhythm Products also I have used their Hibiscus and Rose cleansing buff which I loved a lot. You can read the review here
When I came across this face mask it had everything which I wanted for my skin. You can refer the pic above for the products claims related to skin.

Lets summarize my views now

  • The product is artificial fragrance free so it has very mild smell (fragrance nopes its not that). But its not overpowering and irritating
  • You will feel mild tingling when you apply the mask for few seconds to minute but it goes off quickly.
  • The mask has clay in it so it spread evenly and quickly
  • The texture is grainy and flowy. Its not mousse kind of its a bit runny
  • Packaging is heavy and luxe. Though the cap is wooden and once I touched it with wet hands it got spoilt. Hence I transferred the content into another glass jar.
  • Even though it has clay and I have super dry skin and I avoid clay based masks. It didn’t dried out my skin. My face did looked Fresh, Clean, tight and an instant glow was there which faded in sometime but didn’t vanished.
  • I used this face mask once a week and the jar got over in 5-6 months. A little was enough for the whole face and neck

I liked this product it did gave me a quick glow, my skin felt rejuvenated and fresh. Dullness definitely reduced but not something magical but truly speaking I don’t even expect something magical from face masks. This did its job well and that’s more then enough for me. Will I repurchase- I may repurchase it if it comes back to stock but after checking other face masks. Earth Rhythm has come up with many face masks recently.

With lots of

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Disclaimer- I have purchased and used these product. Based on my experience I shared my honest views

Eye Makeup Look Using Just One Product


One Product Eye Makeup

I love doing eye makeup and I mostly prefer deep monotone shades. I also like vibrancy in my eye look. But being HR professional I do have to take care of my eye look for formal occasions. To save time and also to have a good eye look I mostly go with One product Eye makeup. Yeah in old normal days I use to skip mascaras alot. For these kind of looks best is any creamy pigmented colored kohl which is safe on waterline. If you not going to apply on waterline you can go ahead with any pencil eye liner or kohl.

Here in this pic I have used Chambor Extreme eyes Dark green . It’s creamy and extremely pigmented..applied it as eyeshadow very lightly just as wash of color and after that used it on Waterline and eyeliner. You can check my detailed review on this kohl by clicking here

Below is the pic and let me know whether you do the same or not. Also you can follow my Instagram page by clicking here for many more Fashion Beauty related posts

Green monotone eye look

With lots of

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Disclaimer- I have purchased and used this product. Based on my experience I have shared my honest views