Pink Rhinestone Easy Nail Art for Beginners


Nail Art is therapeutic, yes you read it right. Atleast for me, I can explore and do something which will instantly boost up or change my mood. With the current ongoing situation I was feeling low hence decided to do a simple but glittery mani. A month before I did a haul from , so thought to use their pink glitter box and did a Pink Rhinestone easy nail art for beginners.


Base coat- is from Nykaa 7 in 1 nail spa.
Nail Polish– Faces Canada Splash Nail Enamel, Twinkle. I have reviewed it on my blog, you can check by clicking here
Glue for Rhinestone– I have used Nail foil glue from Born Pretty which I again purchased from Ilovemypolish. Not only for foils but this glue is good for shimmers, glitters, sequins, mylar flakes, rhinestones etc.
Top Coat- Bella Voste
Rhinestone Picker- From Indian Nail Art Junkie Instagram Store. This store is again I will highly recommend for variety of nail art products and super quick service and delivery.
Rhinestone– from Ilovemypolish

Pink Rhinestone Nail Art-

Rhinestones I believe is one of the most easy and beginner friendly nail art material. All you need to have is a good glue and a top coat. A good glue is required to stick the rhinestone perfectly. In past I have purchased many nail art glue but I have never used any as of now. Earlier most of the time I was sorted with the transparent coat of nail polish as glue and then sealing it again with same coat. But I came across nail foil glue couple of month before and now I am using it for my nail art and it stays good for even a week, without any issue.

There is nothing fancy in this nail art, a base nail polish which is a bit shimmery, you can use pastel or any shade of your choice or even leave it transparent. Apply nail foil glue layer where you want to stick the rhinestones. Place rhinestone with the help of picker. Now this picker is the game changer. This is super economical and will end you for years if you use it even once a week. They are perfect for rhinestones but works well with majority of mediums.


Below are the pictures for your reference. I really loved how beautiful they looked.


Shine on

love this pic

My Views-

This is a very easy beginner friendly nail art you can do with rhinestones. I used pink you can use whatever color you want and in fact whatever medium you want. Possibility is endless this is to give you an idea.

Also on my website you can find many Nail Art ideas. Click here

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Disclaimer- I have purchased and used these product. Based on my experience I shared my honest views

Bella Voste Pastel Nail Paint- Beach Babe


Bella Voste Pastel Nail Paint- Beach Babe

MRP- Rs 99 for 9 ml

Bottle shot

Brush Shot

Bella Voste was not a new brand for me in some subscription box i have tried their few products and I really liked them alot.

Blame my Instagram account and following many nail instagrammer that my knowledge about nails, nail care, nail polishes, nail arts are increasing day by day. Many Indian Nail instagrammer have praised it alot. I had to give this a try.

Name shot

Nail and the bottle

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My Views

Formula is’s creamy and so pigmented

Even though one coat almost gives opaque finish better to go with 2 coats

Staying power 3-4 days

A beautiful pastel yellow based shades. It’s not that typical yellow it’s different and beautiful

Very reasonably priced

Dries in average time

Have you tried Bella Voste Brand or their nail polishes. Do let me know in comments.

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Disclaimer- I have purchased and used this product. Based on my experience I have shared my honest views

Bella Voste Pastel Nail Paint- Make My Day Swatches and Review, Nail Art – 18


Hey Everyone,

Hope you all are doing great.

As I think my nails have grown a decent length (I know they are short) so I thought to stop Sharing the weekly update. Also recently I have placed lots n lots of nail polish order so do expect a burst of nail polish swatches and nail arts in coming days.

But still below is pic of bare nails with my Maybelline base coat.

So a week before I almost purchased 2 dozen nail polish there were really good offer on Nykaa and it has been a long time I placed any order. I am follow lots of nail art Instagrammer and they do lot of swatches and praise of few Indian brands nail polishes.I had to get them. Also I ordered some from one more website which is on way

This is first time I purchased any product from Bella Voste brand. So randomly I chose few nail polish and today going to share swatches and do the review of its Pastel Nail Paint- Make My Day

MRP- ₹99/-

Note- on index finger only transparent base coat is applied as base and after that applied two coat of nail Polish. In rest finger on transparent base coat have applied one coat of Miniso white nail polish. After that have applied 2 coats of the different color. You can clear see there is very negligible difference between them.

First of all I loved the formula the moment I applied it on my nails I knew I love it already. I love cream finish nail polish especially in pastel shade. I am not a fan of sheer formula.

Drying time is in between not quick not very time consuming

It’s non streaky

Very pigmented even one coat give decent opaque finish but 2 coats will be best

Till 3 days the polish remain same no chip and peeling

From 4th day a bit of chipping I can see but I believe normally it will stay more. As these days so many times hand washing plus utensil cleaning and all

Formula is 5+ free which is a big yaay

I don’t for how many this matter but I personally don’t like strong spirit smell in nail polish. Luckily this nail polish does not smell that way.

The color is beautiful orange coral color family shade.

For nail art I have used Miniso Copper Pink Color and the rhinestones are from Amazon. Top coat is from Faces Canada, brush is Foolzy from Amazon.

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Note- pictures are clicked from my mobile without any filter mode. Further to enhance the features it’s editted on App.

Disclaimer- I have purchased and used these product. Based on my experience I shared my honest views