Hey Everyone,

Hope you all are doing well and fine and taking good care of yourself and your near and dear ones.

I am posting almost after a month and half this has been longest gap in last 2 years. Its not that I don’t have content there are tons of them on my mobile and draft ready to be shared. But the Second wave peak of Covid-19 in India disturbed me alot. Many of my close friends, relatives , colleagues, neighbors got affected by it. Many are still recovering and some left us too. It was and is time for prayers, hope, healing, expectations.

And in peak of the misery I switched my job too. From past 4 yrs I was part of an organization where I was totally free related to my work but somehow the growth both financially and skill wise have stopped a long time back. There were hardly any learning left. After thinking alot took a call and that kept me busy too.

I have been making art throughout last few months and I will share them soon. Makeup products I have not invested much since the pandemic started last yr. Still with whatever I have, there are still many to be reviewed. Sane goes for personal care products too.

Going forward I will be sharing content related to

1. Personal care product– there are many which I am loyal to, or using from long time or gave me good result. I generally take lots of time to review any personal care product. Most of the time either I review it when I repurchase or finish it.

2. Art and Craft- it wont be a single post for one painting. As I use mostly mini journals, sketchbooks etc hence I will merge few..either on weekly basis..or journal type. Something like that..I am yet to decide how its going to be. Also the area I will be covering in Art and Craft are

2.a. Painting- watercolor, Gouache, Poster color, acrylic.. As of now these mediums I am using for painting

2.b. Doodle, zentangle, mandala

2.c. Crochet

2.d. Quilling

2.e. DIY like home decor items, handmade journals , papers etc

2.f. Misc- sometimes I do embroidery, junk journaling or journaling etc

3. Books– though lately I have reduced my book reading marathon but I am sure soon I will be back hence my views on the books read

4. Food and recipes- now this is something I don’t want to do in detail. Personally I like either step by step recipe or video and both are not possible for me. Also I don’t want to share any regular recipe there are tons already in much much better way. I am planning to share experimental recipe, easy healthy recipe, kid friendly recipe, menu ideas etc

5. Travel/outings- the worst affected thing by Pandemic. Well this is something which will pop up in between… May be some old pics or new lets see how I will be able to do it.

These are few things I have thought by now. For rest random thoughts I will do on my other blog http://www.tunesretuned.wordpress.com

I am so happy and excited to be back..and to check the blogs of my fellow Bloggers.. I missed reading and interacting with you all.



Spring is here…


Last year same time I was gearing up for my Hometown’s visit for family function. Covid news was everywhere and we had couple of cases but those were student from Wuhan only.

We thought Covid-19 will not come (should not come) and rest is history and still going on.

Spring is here..I was taking a walk or my societie’s garden. A week before it was all full of dry leaves and now new leave came out and flowers are blooming.

Here are some of my clicks

Much needed short break


Hey Everyone,

Hope you are doing well. I was on a short break of 2-3 days where I took a break from almost all blogging, Instagram and other social media. In last one month I have literally forced myself with so many works apart from regular work.

This is not the kind of post I do but perhaps I needed to vent out a little and also we should not overburden ourself with too much work as it did took a toll on my health also. Though I am good in planning and time management but my major issue is doing so many things at same time.

I have habbit of writing down my day plan from years sometimes I do it on my mobile sometimes on sticky notes these days I am doing it on a small cute diary. Journal is always my favourite but due to toddler I avoid it. As my husband has to leave office early morning and my daughter is sleeping at that time. I take a cup of tea and my diary and note down my plan and click a photo. Well yeah because I need to check what tasks are left and if my daughter will see the diary she will not leave it like that.

Anyways I was totally busy with my Insta accounts related to makeup, food, hobbies, travel and books and HR topics (yeah j have separate account for all)

Apart from that I was also busy in networking on LinkedIn as I have created an HR group there. Like I had so many invitation so accepting that sending invitation Plus also I was involved with an interview process where I had to prepare a ppt. Interview process went well and my presentation also well appreciated we are in process of roles and responsibilities and salary negotiation but most probably I will not join as I feel it’s not what my profile should be.

So a break of 2-3 days just to relax and think what I really want to do and making a feasible action plan. Somehow I am clear now. This blog is very close to my heart and will always be the priority.

So stay tuned guys there are hell lot of reviews, hobby things, food recipes and ideas even travel pics (old one and some new also), books review, diy and much more.

Now feeling good to share with you all.

With lots of love


HRMind_Speaks- For everything HR


Hello Everyone,

Hope you all are doing super well.

This post is not about any product review or any hobby or any recipe. These three cover most of the thing I do here.

This blog/website I started to share what I love to do, my passion, my hobbies. Beauty, makeup, books, fashion, cooking and so many things.

But there is one major aspect of my life which I never discussed here is that I am an HR professional with almost 10 years of experience. My work includes Hiring, policy making, onboarding, performance management, grievances handling, Employee welfare, Employee engagement, exit formalities etc. Throughout my career I have worked for mid level high pace growing company and nicely funded startups.

I have done couple of certifications and in process of doing some (and planning more) apart from my MBA-HR.

HR is my first love, so recently while chatting with a friend who is also an HR we came for an idea of a dedicated account (instagram, youtube and website) for something related to HR. Where we can share our knowledge based on our experience, tips and tricks, info on statutory compliances, latest hr trends and so many things.

So we finally came with this Instagram account.


I will request you to go through it and follow us if only you like our content. We started on July 27th 2020 and we are going good and very excited about everything.

As we have just started we are trying to cover so many things like information related to job profile, how to have a good job portal profile, LinkedIn profile, some latest trends and yes some memes too. Weekend plans and so many thing.

I will be grateful and happy both if you join us on Instagram. Our YouTube channel coming soon and for now we will be on wordpress blog next year we will move to website.

Remember it’s about everything HR.

With lots of


Happy New Year 2020


Hello Everyone, Happy New year to you and your family and your friends and all your near and dear ones.

2019 was a super quick year for me, with my little one how fast it gone just like blink. If I just analyse my 2019 in some growth perspective I cant see much development, but when I analyse it at personal level I can see so many things.

2019 my one dream came true this blog which I started few years back I transferred it into a website. It was a big step knowing that there will be no money only investment. And investment of not only money but time too. Managing time is super difficult for me with so many commitments at both personal and professional level.

But Blingnbangs is my passion, its my dream its something I think everyday. Hence I want 2020 to be more grand more bigger and more better content wise.

What I feel my area of improvement can be

  • Better content- its all about content in blogging. Sometimes due to rush and due to excitement and due to whatever reason we compromise on content. I will try not to do that
  • Better Picture Quality- currently I use my mobile only I am not sure though this year I will be able to move to camera or not but one thing for sure I will definitely improve my picture quality.
  • More Regular- Though 2019 was a better year as I tried to be more regular but 2020 I will try to be more consistent
  • Focus on other categories- My most of the content are of Beauty and personal care, but in real life I am more towards food, travelling, hobbies and what not. So I need to focus on them too with better content

So what you all are planning for this year. Lemme know in comments.

With lots of