Easy Beginner Travelogue/Travel Journal Idea


A travel journal or a travelogue was in my wishlist from long time. I love travelling and clicking pics. My recent love for painting, doodling etc was forcing me more to have one. To start with I didnt wanted to invest in a proper Travel Journal (yes they do exist). I had my own requirements like the page should be textured, it should not be pure white and smooth, the cover should be different. Fountain pain should look beautiful and I can paint doodle, stick photo or whatever.

I finalised many and even decided to make own if I dont get what I want. But luckily my search ended with Bohemian AlleyTo start with I ordered 2 journals from them. One is the Ribbon Diary which I have converted to Travelogue and another one I am using for different medium illustrations, paintings etc.

Bohmeian Alley Ribbon Diary

This a pure beauty elegance with quality. It has got textured pages though its 100 gsm but suitable for all mediums. I have used water color, gouache, fountain pen, sketch pen, karin markers as of now and it have survived all of them well. Its not pure white just off white which look very classy and vintage. The cover use the scrap fabric from the cloth maufacturing industry in Rajasthan and the papers used are handmade.

I have attached a short video too. Will highly recommend to visit their Instagram page. Currently they are on Instagram only and its small business and demand is very high. So you need to keep checking when the prints and the products are in stick. The Store owner is a very cooperative professional. The whole experience of choosing and selecting is very smooth.

My Travelogue

Travelling is hardly a thing from past one year. But we all do have many pics and memories which we want in our journal. With that thought I started this.

  • In left side I will write a description of the place, location, any particular incident
  • On right side there will be a painting or illustration or doodle whatever
  • On left side I will write atleast few lines related to the right side
  • Location and date will be mentioned

Its not necessary to paint only you can use photo or stick any  memory, you can use any normal diary, notebook and to that matter any journal.

This I found the most beginner friendly way to have own Travelogue, do you have any let me know in comments.

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Now the Pics and the video-

Outer Look

Fountain Pen and Gouache- Aalankrita

Fountain pen and Gouache- Auroville

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Note- pictures are clicked from my mobile without any filter mode. They are non edited pic and clicked in natural day light.

I have purchased and used this product. Based on my experience I have shared my honest views

Pink and Yellow Gouache Painting On Factor Notes Journal


Journaling have always been a big passion for me. Since last year it has seen a good increase and place in my life. Journaling has so much broad perspective I was unaware, thank God I took and taking inspirations from Instagram and Pinterest also YouTube. I came across Factor Notes brand this year only, their Instagram page is full of amazing work. Needless to say the cute journals are must buy. Before doing a purchase I checked what mediums I can use and surprisingly they were suitable for most of the mediums including painting.

Why Factor Notes-

Can I say why not? So before I move ahead with why, let me share the direct links and picture of the one I got.
Product- Sketchbook- Ocean Lullabies, 140 GSM, A5,  Art Journal, Plain
The product comes in different GSM sizes, different cover prints and plain, dotted etc. I got mine from Amazon, sharing links below

Amazon Link– https://www.amazon.in/Factor-Notes-Sketchbook-Acid-Free-Artist-Grade/dp/B08TQT5QNQ/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=factor%2Bnotes%2Bocean&qid=1617069697&s=office&sr=1-1&th=1

Factor Notes Official Website Link– https://factornotes.com/collections/art-journal-140-gsm/products/ocean-lullabies-plain-140-gsm

They had so many cover choices, like you will be spoilt and confused which one to go ahead. As it was first time I purchased any product from this brand , I settled with this beauty. I loved the cover and I wanted the journal for painting (water color and gouache), sketching etc hence 140 gsm. They have dot grid option too but I went ahead with plain one. Below is the cover pic of my first Factor Notes Journal

the cute print

Pink and Yellow Gouache Painting-

It was completely a random painting because my little one chose those colors, for me quote was important and for her colors. Paint used is Brustro Gouache Color and Brush set from Artyshils Below are the pics and for props I have used handmade quilled flowers.

How cute quilled flower looks here

One more

My Views-

I am really enjoying doing painting on it. By the time I am writing this post I have already used sketch pens and other mediums too. Yes they don’t bleed, the page quality is amazing perfect for almost everything, you will surely fall in love with this beauty. I am definitely going to buy more from this brand.

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Note- pictures are clicked from my mobile without any filter mode. They are non edited pic and clicked in natural day light.

I have purchased and used this product. Based on my experience I have shared my honest views

Gouache Painting on Handmade Paper


I never thought I will make handmade paper and also I never thought I will do Gouache Painting. That’s the power of social media they just let you explore so many things. By following different accounts on Instagram and also checking pinterest I got my first Gouache Color set from Brustro recently. Also I made handmade paper from an old notebook.

Handmade Paper-

Handmade paper was in my wish list from long time but recently I saw many who made it in comfort of home without much tools. I followed this Handmade Paper without tools. Though I would like to mention that I did some modification and perhaps that’s why I didn’t got the perfect result. I will be doing some more experiments till I reach the desired result. Will share a detailed post on it.

Gouache Colors-

So before I show the pic lets discuss few more things and one is this Gouache Colors. I got mine from https://www.ebs1952.com/brustro-gouache-24x12ml.html. I really liked this website they give good discount and product range and services are awesome too. In recent times I have made many Gouache paintings will be sharing them soon. But painting on a handmade paper was something I was totally overwhelmed. I tried karin markers first, the post will be shared soon and after that this. Needless to say I am super happy with both the results. Color spread like magic.

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The feel when you hold your handmade paper

sunset or sunrise???

Close Texture Shot

Have you tried making handmade paper or thinking to make some. Let me know in comments.

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Note- pictures are clicked from my mobile without any filter mode. Further to enhance the features it’s edited on App.

Disclaimer- this DIY has been done by following some patterns the link for the same is already shared.