Juicy Chemistry Kokum, Myrrh, Hazelnut Hand & Foot Cream


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Today’s review is from the Juicy Chemistry brand and it’s one of the best seller. I got Juicy chemistry product way back in August in my mini haul which you can read here

So I have used this hand and foot cream for almost 2 months finished it in October and here I am with the review.

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Juicy Chemistry Kokum, Myrrh & Hazelnut Hand & Foot Cream

MRP- ₹550/- for 25 gms

For price check for sale or any Beauty Influencer code (they are applicable at non sale time)

So before we move ahead to point wise views of mine would like to mention that this product is ECOCERT certified in accordance to COSMOS standard.

The Packaging

See the manufacturing date

My Views-

The ingredients list looks very promising the entire cocktail of different things brings a beautiful texture and aroma.

Ingredients list

The texture

You can see the ingredients the base is of Kokum and Mango seed butter. I have used raw and unrefined Mango seed butter from Nature’s Tattva (read review here). I swear by its amazing efficiency. Kokum based product I have used couple of times and find them good for me.

There are lots of different types of oil used like Coffee Infused oil, Olive oil, Jojoba Oil, Hazel Seed oil, Lavender essential oil, Myrrh Essential oil, Peppermint essential oil along with Vitamin E. Different oil have different healing properties. I have used olive oil, Jojoba Oil and peppermint essential oil separately too and they are wonderful and so are the other oils too.

Texture of the hand and foot cream is balmy and grainy. Not very soft nor hard. When you scoop them and apply or rub with the heat of your body it melts even more.

Empty jar

When the jar was full

And again the open Jar shot

Fragrance is soothing and calming. Major aroma I can feel is of peppermint oil along with lavender and other oils.

As a hand cream it’s good as overnight hand cream as its heavy duty one. Day time if you have very dry hand you can use otherwise can skip.

As a foot cream too it works wonderfully don’t take much time to absorb makes the feet smooth and moisturized. Due to too much work my heels have become rough with dry patches lately. They are not cracked they just feel rough it’s not much effective on that though. I am regularly exfoliating and doing whatever necessary stuff. May be due to weather also. Or may be 2 month is very soon to say that.

As per the company detail the products are completely free from preservatives hence should not be contaminated with air and water also should be used within 6 months. They are always freshly made. You will get most of the time mfg date of same month.

This product is a good hand cream for very dry hair and also good for nails. For foot also it’s good. Though in quantity I find it a bit pricey but no complaints as it’s really good I will definitely keep on repurchasing it

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I have purchased and used this product. Based on my experience I have shared my honest views

SoulTree Hand & Foot Cream Kokum & Honey with Mountain Rosemary


Hey Everyone,

Hope you all are doing great.

My most used product is foot cream. I have Super dry feet and if I don’t use foot cream I don’t feel like sleeping in night. Yeah I am that addicted. But problem is I want a heavy duty cream which is non greasy so very few live up to the expectations. Though there are some brands which I repurchased and will do so. May be I will do a separate post on it.

Anyway you can check my foot cream reviews here and hand cream reviews here.

Coming to this one. I keep on experimenting and trying new brands in hand and foot cream came across this as it’s two in one so had to get this

Price- I got it in Rs 395/- in july month. Date of manufacturing you can see it’s Feb’20. I checked on Nykaa they have increased the price to Rs 495/-

When I received the package and opened it. I kind of liked the packaging and the ingredient list look impressive.

Check below

Summing up my points

Fragrance is very mild and pleasant

It’s creamy in texture and non sticky

It’s really good as hand cream as it moisturized it well for long time

As foot cream it is good too but not very good especially if you have very dry feet like mine. But for regular usage it’s good if you don’t have any major concern

The moisturization point as mentioned on product is true. It moisturize really well. Soothes dry skin again true. But on cracked heels I don’t think it will be effective. I don’t have cracked heels but I do have severe dry heels which many time look flaky. (If I am really able to explain it). It didn’t helped in soothing the same.

I will definitely repurchase it as hand cream which can be used as foot cream too when required.

Rating- 7/10

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Disclaimer- I have purchased and used this product. Based on my experience I have shared my honest views

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E Foot Magic, Product Finish No.-3, Quick Review


Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E Foot Magic

Deeply moisturizes Rough, dry skin. With Peppermint Oil and Mango butter. Soothes tired feet.
MRP- Rs 375/-

This is one of the recent empties. As already mentioned many times I use foot cream alot and love to do experiment in that. You can read my many reviews on foot cream here.

I always liked Palmer’s as a brand. Though I have used only handful of products only. Coming to this one when I was looking for some good heavy duty foot cream I came across this. Well the every point was so bang on like Cocoa butter, Vitamin E, Mango butter, peppermint oil, soothes tired feet.

Truely speaking it does fulfill all its claims like it does soothe my tired feet, formula is thick transparent buttery type. It doesnt absorb quickly it takes little time and you need to massage really well. Texture is uneven sometimes its really thick vaseline type sometimes its little bit of oily mix. That may be because of external tempertature. Staying power is really good. After applying in night i can see the effect in morning.

Well what I don’t like is the feel after applying it. This one is like you have applied oil or thick raw butter on your feet. I prefer non greasy cream which gets quickly absorbed. Also i cant see much difference in roughness of my heels. Due to my little one (toddler) i am always on my feet. It helps in giving relaxation to my tired feet but I dont see any difference in smoothness of my rough heels and sole.

Overall its a good product to relax and maintain your feet. Give it a try if you are fan of thick texture definitely give it a try.

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Disclaimer- I have purchased and used this product. Based on my experience I have shared my honest views


Coco Soul Foot Cream with Virgin Coconut Oil,Product Finish No.- 2, Quick Review


As mentioned in my previous post my most used personal care product is a foot cream. I have used plenty of them, i am using plenty of them and i have wishlisted plenty of them.

I have dry skin which no matter what remains dry. I don’t like sticky formula. But if it’s non sticky it doesn’t last long. Infact very few foot cream i saw which has lasted really long.

So cocosoul is one of the recent all good thing brand which i came across. I saw many reviewers raving about it. But i wanted to give it a try once i am really convinced. A close friend of mine got this in offer and she liked the result. So i thought to give it a try.

Well it’s good product with normal result. My feet definitely felt good but i can’t see any big change. It’s just normal good feet. My feet are still dry and they need moisturization quite often. Formula is good get Quickly absorbed and is non sticky gives good dose of hydration.

Coconut fragrance is strong but it goes away after sometime.

Overall it’s a good product to try and have.

My Ratings- I will give it’s 7.5/10

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Disclaimer- I have purchased and used this product. Based on my experience I have shared my honest views

My Repurchases and quick review List-1


There are many products which I have Repurchased n number of times. They are like my staple and I want then or always keep them handy. I thought to make a series of these kind of things. So today I am going to share List 1

  • Kama Ayurveda Mridul Soap Free Face Cleanser-

1 no, 2 no, 5 no , 10 no ..it’s more than this. Religiously I am using this awesome face cleanser from 4-5 years. It’s soap free and comes in powder form it doesnt lather so I use it in morning time only and trust me guys this is really good. It mildly exfoliate your face and you do feel your skin is clean and it’s fragrance is also very good.

MRP- Rs 595/- for 40 gm

  • Patanjali Divya Kanti Lep-

Again something I have used n number of boxes since 7-8 years. Yeah its that good. Many people don’t like th strong fragrance of this as it’s strong camphor fragrance with some herbs. Personally I am fine with it. It takes little time to completely dry this face mask. But i anyway don’t like to dry my face mask as i feel it can lead to less elasticity of skin. It does stain skin a bit it may be because of mehendi flower ingredients. But whatever it is, trust me it does make your skin good. It comes in powder form.

MRP- Rs 70 for 50 gm

  • Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack- Rice (Sleeping Pack)

This small beauty is a game changer trust me. If you are someone who wants to start sleep mask routine check this out. First of all it comes in a pack of 10 ml quantity you can use it for around 5-7 uses. The moment you will apply you will feel your skin super-soft. And in morning glowy. Do give it a try.

MRP- Rs 140/- for 10ml

– Dr Reddy’s Venusia-

Venusia lotion/cream was recommended by my dermatologist way back in year 2014 when i got milia along with venusia he recommended me many skincare tips which really helped me alot. Venusia is really my staple, as I love exploring new products so I do buy different lotions and creams etc. But I always keep one bottle of this. Many times my skin behave weird this become really helpful that time.

  • Aroma Magic foot cream softens and protect-

I have dry skin and my feet get more dry, I literally can’t survive without a foot cream. I explored this one way back to 2011, that time it use to come in a jar packaging. How many Repurchases i have done I have lost the count. There is always one tube with me no matter whatever foot cream I am using. I have already reviewed it on my blog here. But that time name and packaging was different. Actually the formula is perhaps modified now. Earlier only key ingredients were mentioned now they mention every ingredient. Isn’t this wonderful.

So what are the products which you people keep on repurchasing. Do let me know in comments below.

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Note- pictures are clicked from my mobile with its built in filter mode. Further to enhance the features it’s editted on App.

Disclaimer- I have purchased and used this product. Based on my experience I have shared my honest views.