Silver Foil on Yellow Nail polish- Beginner Nail Art


When I first heard about Nail foils I thought it will be a super difficult process but when I explored more I realized nail foils are in fact super easy to use. Today’s post is about a very easy beginner friendly Silver Foil Nail Art done on Yellow Color Nail Polish. I totally love the Silver color on yellow base nail color and its so easy that any beginner or someone who don’t have much idea can do it.

About My Experience With Nail Foils-

Here is my experience with nail foils. I have mentioned many times on my blog that for my Nail art accessories and many foreign brands I do shopping from Ilovemypolish. Doing shopping from this website from almost 1 n half years and I prefer to connect to the owner directly through DM or Whatsapp because her suggestions always work for me.

Going back to last year may be around September, just to try I got single foil set in 2 varieties. One in metallic golden and another one Black Lacy foil. I have done a detailed review too on them, you check Golden Nail Foil Post here and Black Lacy Nail Foil Post here. After a very good experience with these two foils I got so many foils set in different finish, as I chopped my nails in Feb I am yet to share so many foils nail art and reviews. They have grown up a bit, if they remain good and healthy will share many nail art in coming days.

In last glitter sale I saw these flakes foil, I do have nail foil glue but that’s a bit messy (tiny bit only), that time came to know with flakie foils you just need to press gently and seal with top coat. That’s it, I was surprised and immediately ordered 2 boxes (which has multiple boxes inside, see the pic below). Needless to say my experience was amazing. I have done couple of nail arts with them and I will share very soon. Also you can check my glitter haul post by clicking here

Glitters and Sequins

Beginner Friendly Super Easy Silver Foil Nail Art on Yellow Nail Polish-

This foil nail art is not only beginner friendly and super easy but also looks good on short nails, I have done this on my almost short nails only and it looked wonderful.

Base Coat– Nykaa 7 in 1 Nail Spa (Nykaa Website Direct Link here)
Yellow Nail Polish– Faces Canda Splash Nail Enamel Sunny Side up (Nykaa Website Direct link here)
Grey Nail Polish- Faces Canda Splash Nail Enamel Dove (Nykaa Website direct link here)
Black Nail Polish– Miniso Pittura Black Nail Polish
Silver foil– from Ilovemypolish (
Top Coat– Faces Canada (Nykaa Website direct link here)

Below are the pics:-

My Views

I really loved doing this, its so easy. Just pick up the foil, I used rhinestone picker wax pencil but you can use plucker or toothpick even normal pencil can be used. Place it as desired and press gently. I drew a line by using blakc nail polish on foil curves. Sealed it with top coat. Thats it.

Let me know have you used foils before, how was your experience with it?

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Disclaimer- I have purchased and used these product. Based on my experience I shared my honest views

Gorgeous Cosmos Ultra-Violet Neon Purple Nail Polish


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Hope you all are doing great.

A nail polish review after a long time but the pic is old. I clicked these pics in July only and totally forgot to review the same. In July I Ordered the set of 7 neon colors of Gorgeous Cosmos brand from

I really loved the intense Pigmentation. you can check a nail art I have done by clicking here and it’s neon blue shade review by clicking here

Now coming to this particular shade. I am not much into violet purple mauve shade in nail polish lately but this was neon plus obviously it was in the set. My views on this are-

  • Bright bright bright It’s very much bright how a neon nail polish should be
  • It’s very opaque, one coat also give an opaque finish but two will be better.
  • The swatches below are direct application without any white nail polish base which I generally do in case of Neon nail polish.
  • It’s not a quick dry nail polish but not too much time taking also, just a decent time taking
  • Bristles are fine and perfect to give good application
  • Formula is also neither thick nor thin
  • No overpowering smell
  • Stays good for 3-4 days without chipping and peeling
  • Finish is semi matte
  • Good for nail arts

Overall I really loved the formula and will highly recommend if you like bright neons.

Below are the pics

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Note- pictures are clicked from my mobile with its built in filter mode. Further to enhance the features it’s editted on App.

Disclaimer- I have purchased and used this product. Based on my experience I have shared my honest views

El Corazon Active Bio-Gel №423/297 Cream Nail Polish


El Corazon Active Bio-Gel №423/297 Cream Nail Polish

I think I have become a fan of El Corazon nail polishes. If my last review was not enough to impress me this one even went a step further to impress me. You can read my previous review here.

I have mentioned earlier but again as its review of new product so updating I got it from one websit The owner of the website stocks various International brands on her website. But most of the items are mostly out of stock. So do keep a check on the website. The link for this product is here. I got it in Rs 320/- as per El Corazon’s official website its official price in Russia is 189.00 rub. means Rs 219/- as per current rate.

So I went through its official website to know more about the brand and this nail polish. Its a Russian brand and this particular range is Active Bio Gel cream range. Its said to be a therapeautic drug which restores the nail plate from any state. It dries quickly and there is no need of top coat. You can read about it here.

I madly in love with this shade, with this brand, with its formulas, with the opacity which it gives in just one coat. I am keeping a check on the website for restock so that I can get more shades in future. And one more thing it comes in huge quantity 16 Ml. most of the nail polishes are less than that. packaging looks luxe. Bristles are little thin but that gives much control to many people. Though personally I prefer thick bristles.

This shade is beautiful Blue color shade, its more like deep denim blue kind of shade. Picture dont do justice of how beuatiful its looks and feel. The first coat itself spreads on nail like butter. Give it a try you will know it. Now lets enjoy the pic…PLEASE NOTE I have applied nail polish in hurry hence it not looking much neat, but still I wanted to go ahead as I am not much into neat nail polish application.


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Note- pictures are clicked from my mobile with its built in filter mode. No further editting is done. The picture is in natural day light.

Disclaimer- I have purchased and used this product. Based on my experience I have shared my honest views