DIY Handmade Coptic Stitch Journal


How many journals are enough? Okay lets modify it especially if you are a hoarder how many handmade journal are enough? Fine there can never be one answer. So to stop the guessing game I started making my own DIY Handmade Journals and the best way I have found till now is the Coptic Stitch method. Today I am going to share the details, my views, experience on this beautiful DIY Handmade Coptic Stitch Journal

A Little Background

I always loved stationary, art and craft items. But it was 2015 when my love knew no bound. Earlier due to studies after that job I never got time to think and do much. Though I was always in doodling and some minor art work. In 2015 when I saw one of my known who was doing a proper full time job like me still making out some time to do beautiful art and craft work. I got inspired I knew this is what I always wanted to do. So I checked online if I can find anything related, that time there were very few dedicated websites, information etc in India. I came across and life has never been same.

I ordered some quilling stuff, crochet material and papers and lots of papers. But my hectic corporate life and some developments at personal front never let me explore and do much. Still I continued. Papers I purchased in 2015-16 was with me. Recently while cleaning I came across bundles of Handmade papers, normal colored papers, different types and textured papers, tissue papers, crepe papers and so many more.

Why Handmade Journal?

Because I love it, yes the reply is as simple as that. I love writing, i write everything, i write whatever is my plan for the day, for the week, for the month, my wishes, my failures my success everything. I love to draw, doodle, paint, stick, junk journaling. Also write points from the book I am reading, my feeling etc. These days with mobile and laptops its easy to do everything but the charm of hand written notes never gone. I do have a collection of sketchbooks, notebooks etc and its going on but I jumped into handmade journal almost 3-4 months before. I have posted about my first handmade sketchbook experience here

While writing this post I tried to search my other 2 DIY journals which I prepared in January and as always I missed to post about them. So very soon I will be sharing my other 2 handmade journals on the blog.

DIY Handmade Coptic Stitch Journal

Benefit of following many talented articles, benefit of watching various youtube videos, benefits of checking Pinterest? You get so many ideas and ideas and ideas…its upto you how you follow and implement them.

Journals were always my weakness and as I started making handmade ones, exploration of more types of stitch, covers started too. One fine day I came across this beautiful Coptic Stitch Method. This…This is what I was looking for from looooooong time. I knew this is what is meant for me. Without any delay I searched for youtube videos and came across this wonderful video which made my work so so so so easy. I checked so many videos but this one I found the best

Supplies and Process-

I have shared the link in above line which I followed completely. As every journal and everyone’s style is different so I am just listing down below my supplies details

Cover– I used one torn page from my daughter’s board book. It was of no use and very thick in material hence I went ahead with it.

Cover’s Cover– I used decoupage napkin from Itsybitsy online. I got mine some 4-5 yrs back so I dont think the exact one is there. You can still check their Decoupage napkins by clicking here

Paper-  I used handmade A4 size paper which again was purchased from ItsyBitsy.
I hand deckle edged the paper y wetting the edge, again there are many videos available for the same.

Thread- While writing this post I have already made my second coptic stitch journal and I didnt used waxed thread. It does make a difference. Same thread last time I waxed it from beeswax already available in my home. You can either buy waxed thread or can do it in your home. There are lots of videos available on internet. Also I have read many people use candle wax also, though the beeswax or vegan wax (like Candelilla wax) is a better choice. With waxed thread the hold is strong.

Other Tools- Glue, Scissor, Punching tool, needle.

Finally Time for the Pictures

So here we go there are lots and lots of pictures

My favourite pic

Let me know hows it, I really enjoyed making it.

With lots of


Note- pictures are clicked from my mobile without any filter mode. Further to enhance the features it’s edited on App.

Disclaimer- this DIY has been done by following youtube video. I have given the full credit to its original source by providing the link. The opinion and feedback shared is my own based on my experience