Saffron Kahwa Green tea from Teatrunk


Saffron Kahwa Green Tea

It’s a Sampler I purchased from Teatrunk website along with 8 more samples.

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Back to the Beverage post which is fron my Teatrunk haul. It is the Saffron Kahwa Green tea.

The sampler pack and the Saffron Kahwa Green tea


This green tea is ultimately luxury kind of royal feel. Saffron Kahwa Green tea is one of the best from my haul.

My Views-

It has strong spicy Fragrance as it contains cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, ginger, almonds, rose petals and saffron

Caffeine level is medium

It’s a Sampler and can make around 4-7 cups depending upon your cup size and how strong you want the flavour

As per website their all tea Variant can be rebrewed so is this one too. I do rebrew it after a gap of around 1 hour and it taste good only

As it contains crushed almond the brew look cloudy but as per website it’s totally normal and is safe for consumption.

Taste notes are warm, nutty and spicy.

This tea has detoxifying properties. It helps in digestion after a heavy meal. Rose petals and almonds have skin benefits too

Because of presence of rose petals, almonds, saffron and other spices it has a royal feel and touch. Very comforting and warm.

Cloudy brew

It’s brewing

Overall I really liked this tea and either will buy more samples or will go ahead with full size. Taste wise and benefit wise I find it worth investing.

With lots of


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